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पञ्चीकरणम्: Panchikarana

पञ्चीकरणम्: Panchikarana
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Item Code: HAA993
Author: महेशानन्द गिरी (Maheshanand Giri)
Publisher: Mahesh Research Institute, Varanasi
Language: Sanskrit
Edition: 1996
Pages: 57
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
weight of the book:100 gms


Majority of the Upanishads lay stress upon the meditation of Brahman through Pranava (omkar) for obtaining the immediate realization of Brahman. Katha and Prasna Upanishads enjoin the meditation of ‘Aum’ either as the Supreme or as the lower Braman for the attainment of the respective Brahmans. Mundaka says that Pranava (Om) is the bow, the jiva is the arrow and Brahman is the target. You should continuously identify or unite Brahman with Jiva until they are one. Taittiriya says “You should reach Brahman through ‘aum’” Chhandogya says “Aum is everything.” Brihadaranyaka says “Aum is Brahman”. Mandukya prescribes a new and practical way to attain Brahman realization through the meditation of Pranava. The purport of Mandukya is briefly explained in Sri Sankaracharya’s Panchikarana and elucidated in its commentaries, the Vartika of Suresvaracharya, Vivarana of Anandagiri and others. The small booklet now published contains Panchikarana with SUresvaracharya’s Vartika and its commentary by Naraya-nendra in Part I and Sri Anandagiri’s Vivarana with Shri Ramatirtha’s commentary in Part II.

The purport of Panchikarana can be explained in the following way. The individual Jiva in the waking state is called Visva. The presiding cosmic deity of the whole gross universe is called Vaishvanara. The dreaming individual jiva is Taijasa. The presiding cosmic deity of all the subtle bodies is called Hiranyagarbha. The individual jiva in deep sleep is Prajna. Maya is the original root cause of the cosmic universe and its controller or the presiding cosmic deity is called Ishvara.

Now we should dissolve Visva into Vaishvanara, that is we must think that Visva is not different from Vaishvanara and meditate ‘a’ the first syllable of ‘aum’ as Visva Vaishvanara. Then we must dissolve Taijasa into Hiranyagarbha as before and meditate the syllable ‘U’ and Taijasa Hiranyagarbha as one. Then we must absorb ‘A’ into ‘u’. Then Jiva is to be merged in Ishvara and identified with ‘m’. Then ‘u’ should be merged in ‘m’. Then ‘m’ should be dissolved in the fourth or qualityless pure Brahman. This must be thought of as one’s own pure self or nature.

By this process one attains Brahma realization here and now.

This booklet forms part of Dvadasa Prakarani (12 Prakaranas) brought out by Mahesh Research Institute, Varanasi and Mount Abu, founded by H.H. Maheshanand Giri Maharaj Mahamandaleswar and Pontiff of Dakshinamurti Mutt Varanasi. Some copies are bound separately for helping those interested in the subject.


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