The Path of Sufis and Saints
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The Path of Sufis and Saints

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Item Code: NAM411
Author: R. K. Gupta
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789350502723
Pages: 143 (8 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
Weight 230 gm
About the Book

The present book is an English translation of the book “Tatva-Prabodhini”, published in Hindi in the year 2009 by Mahatma Ramchandra Publication League, Fatehgarh, U.P. As mentioned in the beginning the Hindi translation was based on the original hand-written manuscripts of Mahatma Shri reamchandraji Maharaj (Janab Lalaji Majharaj) in Urdu. The Hindi translation came into existence as a result of an untiring effort of Mahatma Shri Dinaysh Kumar Saxena and Smt Suman Sexena, the grandson and grand daughter-in-law of Janab Lalaji Maharaj. This saint-couple has devoled their life to the noble cause of spreading the message of Janab Lalaji Maharaj is its true form to every nook and corner of the world and one of the mediums chosen by them is making available the literature of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj.

The book, which is a treatise on the Chakr-Vidya (the science of spiritual chakras or subtle-centers) fascinated me and as an inspiration from my Guru Bhagwan (Master) Parram Sant Thakur Ram Singhji Sahab, a disciple of Janab Lalaji Maharaj, the idea of translating it into English entered and occupied my mind with inteeention that the English readers should also have an opportunity to access this wonderful material.

The translation work started somewhere in the first half of 2012 and in early September of that year it was completed by the grace of the elders of this H’ble Order (NaqshMuMRa). I am extreful to the sain-couple Dr. (Smt.) Suman Saxena and Mahatma Shri Dinaysh Kumar Saxena for permitting me to translate the book and to get it printed. Mahatma Shri Dinaysh Kumar Saxena has also edited and improved upon the translation work and hence this book in its present form is in your hands. I am also grateful to my family for their valuable suggestions and other help print the under the banner of BRPC Lid.

For any short-comings in the translation or for any inadvertent mistake, I seek the forgiveness of the wise readers.

For any further reference or material, readers are requested to visit the following web-sites:




  From the Publisher's Desk v
  Homage to the Author ix
1 Introspection 1
2 Mercy: An Extract from the Holy Qur' an 7
3 the Secret of Liberation and Attaining Divinity 8
4 Bondage and Liberation 13
5 Self-restraint and Satguru 16
6 The Touchstone for Guides 18
7 The Consequences of Ignorance 22
8 Chakra-Vidya and Atma-Jnan 27
9 Creation, Dissolution and Brahmn 30
10 The Physical Existence 42
11 The Realm of Mind 52
12 The Realm of Hridya 61
13 The Sadhan 69
14 Description of Chakras (Plexus) 84
15 Consecrative Transcendental Expedition 108
16 Liberation-What it Means 112
17 Attaining Liberation 114
18 Words of sant Kabir 116


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