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The Perfect Way

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The Perfect Way
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Author: Osho
Publisher: Osho Media International
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8172611633
Pages: 215
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 7.8" X 5.0"
weight of the book: 335 gms

It is a hot summer day and a group of people interested in meditation have gathered in a secluded retreat in the hills of Rajasthan, India. Few, if any, can imagine they are participating in an event which will prove to be the first seed of a revolutionary experiment in the flowering of human consciousness – one which will eventually transform the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Osho, the man around whom these people have gathered, was at that time a professor of philosophy at Jabalpur university. This first meditation camp in Ranakpur, Rajasthan, became a model for the evolution of his work over the following years.

"I want you to become a participant in the bliss I am experiencing as the result of my awakening," says Osho in these talks, which became his first published book. "And so I have decided to call you…. Pardon me if my call disturbs your sleep and disperses the fog of your dreams.

In his dream-breaking, Osho carefully guides us through the maze of our own minds, through our process of creating thoughts, toward a zone of silence. His genius is in full flight. And the subject couldn't be more mysterious nor important: one's own self.

He unravels fundamental questions about what meditation is and how one can begin and sustain a life of meditation. He does this with a precision, thoroughness and compassion that can only come from a master – one who knows and is able to convey what he knows. He points us as far as one can with words toward the inner world of the self, of our being.

Osho, himself, has spoken of this book on several occasions. When the second prime minister of India traveled to Russia, a copy to The Perfect Way was in his hands. And when someone who had been seeking his whole life stumbled upon The Perfect Way at the age of ninety. He commented, "All my learning of the scriptures was futile, only this small book is enough."

"To be without thoughts is meditation," Osho says. "When there are no thoughts, it is then we come to know the one hidden by our thoughts. When there are no clouds, the blue sky is revealed."
This book is page after page of blue sky.

From the Jacket

"You know nothing except thoughts. Thoughts are your whole world. And he who lives in thoughts alone is a worldly man. To know something beyond thoughts is the beginning of becoming religious."

"Generally seekers set about suppressing thoughts without bothering to understand the process of how they are born. This can certainly bring madness, but not liberation…Thoughts are not the problem, the birth of thoughts is the problem. How they are born is the question. If we can stop their coming into being, if we can exercise thought birth control, then the thoughts that have already been born will disappear in a moment."

This series of talks was given at Osho's first meditation camp in Rajasthan. This is a provocative introduction to an extraordinarily ordinary man's vision for humanity – a vision that continues to inspire people the world over who are searching for meditation, transformation and relaxation in the midst of the everyday challenges of their lives.

In the Perfect Way Osho answers fundamental questions about what meditation is, and how we can begin and sustain it in our lives. He does this with precision, thoroughness, humor, and compassion. Here is someone who knows, but who also knows how to convey what he knows. His genius in full flight, he points us as far as one can with words toward the inner world of the self, toward the zone of silence.

"When there are no thoughts, it is then that we come to know the one hidden by our thoughts. When there are no clouds the blue sky is revealed. My friends, there is a sky within you as well."


Prologue Invitation Into Light xi
1 Listening with the Heart 1
2 Thought Birth Control 11
3 Meditation Is Non-doing 29
4 Stop and See 41
5 Naturally Moral 53
6 Seeing Without Thinking 67
7 I Am a Dream-Breaker 85
8 Being One's Own Refuge 105
9 Entering the Gap 121
10 A Zone of Silence 129
11 The Discipline of Witnessing 137
12 The Dewdrop and the Ocean 163
13 The Birth of a New Man 175
14 Infinite Waiting 185
About the Author195
OSHO International Meditation Resort 196
More Osho Books 198
For More Information 201
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