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Philosophy of Narayaniyam: (Study, Text and Sloka Index)

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Philosophy of Narayaniyam: (Study, Text and Sloka Index)
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Item Code: IDG379
Author: Dr. (Mrs.) Dharma
Publisher: Nag Publisher
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8170813379
Pages: 435
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book:

Narayaniyam of Narayana Bhattatiri is a household name in Kerala. Even in Kerala where the book is so popular it is considered as a bhakti-kavya mainly. At first it appears to be a mere description mainly of Lord Krsna and His Lilas and a work of bhakti towards the Lord of Guruvayur. The more you read, the philosophy behind each expression dawns on you. This has been beautifully brought out by Dr. Dharma. She has done a thorough study of this book and has brought out in her work the concepts of Brahman, Jiva, Jatat, Maya etc. as depicted by the author Narayana Bhattatiri with a comparative study of these concepts in the Vedas, Upanisads, and later philosophical works, mainly Advaitic works. She has also dealt in details with the concept of Bhakti in earlier texts and compared it with the Bhakti depicted in Narayaniyam.

That the Narayaniya text is published along with this study is very commendable as it provides ready reference to the original text and also helps the reader to appreciate the beauty of the text.

About the Author:

Dr. (Mrs.) Dharma, born on 3.1.1945 at Khairpur (Ghaziabad) in Uttar Pradesh. She started her education in the rural background of the village. Daughter of a farmer, Late Shri Raghunandan Prasad Sharma eager to graduate her only child. She finished her primary Education in Khairpur. Later, she was brought to Delhi for further education . She did her Sanskrit from Indra-Prastha College, University of Delhi in 1967 and 1970 respectively. She did her Ph.D. in 1983 from University of Delhi. Throughout a scholar-ship holder, she has to her credit a number of published articles in Sanskrit, Hindi and English. She has participated in various seminars. Presently, Reader in the Department of Sanskrit, Lakshmibai College, she has been teaching there for the last twenty five years.


Page No.
Narayaniyam - Background & The Author1-25
Narayaniyam- A Philosophical Classic of Kerala; Historical Survey of the Society of Kerala; Narayana Bhattatiri-place of birth; Parents; Early life and teachers; Guruvayur - Origin - Narayaniyam and other works; Date, Admirers and disciples.
Major Concepts Of Philosophy26-104
Brahman-Brahman in Vedic-Literature; Brahman in Puranas, Brahman in Narayaniyam; Brahman-explained from two levels-Nirguna and Saguna, Niskala and Sakala; The formful aspect of the Lord, Supremacy of Visnu (Krsna).
Maya-Maya in the Vedas; Maya in the Upanisads, Maya in the Epics; Maya in Advaita-Philosophy; Maya in the Puranas; Maya in Narayaniyam; Maya-as something indescribable, Maya as illusion, Maya as cosmic-creative power; Maya-as the power of the Lord; Maya as magical-art, illusory war-fare, exception and wonderful power of the gods and demons.
Jagat-Jagat in Narayaniyam, Cosmic-evolution, Secondary-Creation, Brahma in his creative role; Diversification of creation.72-81
Jiva-Jiva in Vedic-literature, Jiva in Sankara-Vedanta, jiva in Bha. P., Jiva in Narayaniyam.82-88
Moksa-Moksa in Vedic-literature, Moksa in Mahabharata, B.G. and Bha. p., Moksa in Narayaniyam, Various types of Mukti.89-104
Avataravada: The Doctrine Of Incarnation105-137
Avataras-the main theme of Narayaniyam; The meaning of the term Avatara; Who incarnates? How does He incarnation, Avataravada in the Vedas, the Epics and the Puranas, The number of Avataras; A brief description of the various Avataras in Narayaniyam, Classification of Avataras.
The spiritual paths; The path of devotion in the Vedas; Upanisads, Epics and Puranas, Bhakti, Superiority of the path of devotion, Karma-misra Bhakti, Jnana-misra Bhakti; The requisites of Bhakti-Human-birth, Good-deeds, Good-health, A spiritual teacher and grace of the Lord; Association with the devotees of the Lord, Detachment, Types of Bhakti-Saguna-Bhakti and Nirguna Bhakti; Tamil Bhakti; Rajasi Bhakti; Sattviki Bhakti and Nirguna-Bhakti; Bhakti as Uttama, Madhyama and Adhama-Four types of aspirants-the Arta, the Jijnasu, the Artharthi and the Jnani-Different types of Bhakti based on the bhavas of the devotees- Santa-Bhakti, Dasya-Bhakti, Sakhya-Bhakti, Vatsalya Bhakti and Madhurya Bhakti.
Meaning of the term-'Prapatti'; Prapatti in different scriptures and Narayaniyam, Accessories of Prapatti, Constitutes of Prapatti in Narayaniyam Anukulyasya Samkalpah, Prati-kulasya, Varjanam, Raksisyatiti-Visvaso, Goptrtva-Varnanam, Atmaniksepa, Karpanya, Kinds of Prapanna, Bhakti vis-a-vis Prapatti.
Quotable Quotes From Narayaniyam
Sloka Index403
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