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Profession Based On Krishnamurti Padhdhati

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Profession Based On Krishnamurti Padhdhati
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Item Code: NAE452
Author: K.P. Krishman’s
Publisher: K. Subramaniam & Co.
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 818808204X
Pages: 202
Cover: paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 208 gms
About The Book

Shri K.P.Krishman ‘s Astrological book on “Profession” provides a treatise on the subject. At the same time, it serves as a ready reckoner too since the basic principles have been set out in a nutshell for any one to understand them easily. The Author has adopted the system evolved by his illustrious father, late Prof.K.S.Krishnamurti, Founder of Astrology & Athrishta Stellar Systems, for his masterly Thesis on the subject.

The illuminating introductory Chapter gives the salient points and e method of scrutiny and consideration to be undertaken in identifying the aptitude of a person and the professional potentialities latent in an individual.

The topical treatment chosen under various professional heading speaks in volumes about the practical approach of the Author. The books helps consideration of the issue, from the angle of the Grahas, the Stars and Zodiacal signs profession wise to make the investistigation foolproof and perfect. The consideration with reference to certain hypothetical horoscopes, the various tables given of the signifactor planets and combination of planets helps one to clear any doubts arising in the process.

The Chapter at the end of this book also deal with the method of finding out subsequent improvements in status and prospects of change in profession. In modern days with scope for multifarious career building and consolidation in life, a proper choice of profession would go a long way to swim with the current to ensure ‘success, rather than land oneself in wilderness by choosing a career not compatible with one’s inborn character and’ potentialities.

In fine, this book is bound to be of immense value and useful to professional astrologers and those endeavoring to fix a successful professional career for themselves. The Author deserves special commendation for the contribution he has made to this conventional science with his pragmatic ideas and formula for fixing easily a career t one commensurate with his inherent talents and latent potentialities.

I am sure, that this book would receive the Success, the venture of the Author really deserves.


In Independent India the outlook of education has completely changed from education for clerkship to education for satisfying the needs of development in fields of Agriculture, Industry, Science and Technology. The new education policy of the government aims at job oriented type of syllabus. The students ought to be aware of their capabilities in choosing right type of learning to show their talent, efficiency and capabilities in the service of society. Nowadays women in large numbers have come to play their part in nation building activities. In the context choosing a Career is vital pre requisite for a successful implementation of Social Justice having a right person to a required job. The educational institutions can only cater to the subjects in which they impart knowledge. But all cannot aspire to one set of training if they have to show their merit and capabilities. Therefore they have to be advised properly at the appropriate Stage to know their aptitude and their suitability. In this stupendous task Krishnamurti Padhdhati system of Astrology can give a reliable and inspiring guidance so that every one would benefit by The principles enunciated in the book entitled “Astrology & Profession”. The author has pointed out the scope for employment indicating the fields, according to planetary combinations of individuals. He has also endeavoured to spell out particular fields to be chosen based on Rasi aspect of horoscopical chart, It is a very valuable text book on choice of a career benefiting students, entrepreneurs, businessman, artisans playwrights scholars, artists and others in various fields of employment.


1Astrology & Profession1
2Signs & Profession11
3Planets & Profession18
4Stars & Profession24
5Influence Of Planets In The 10th Bhava32
6Significance Of Each Sub For Profession43
7Combinations For Air Pilot82
8Administrative Officer85
9Profession Connected To Books And Publications91
10Computer Programmer94
11College Professor97
12Commercial Artist102
13Cine Artist105
14Combination For Cinema Profession108
15Combinations For Cinema Profession113
16Electronic Engineer115
17Export Business120
18Foreign Assignment125
19Film Distribution127
20Indication For Medical131
21The Journalist139
22Printing Profession141
23Legal Profession144
24Legal Profession150
28Change In Profession171
29Profession-Combination Of Planets173
30Will I Be In The Teaching Profession Or Will I Take Up Business184
31Profession-Will I Stick On To The Present Job Or Will I Take Up Another? If So When191
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