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Protocol in Srimad Bhagwat

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Protocol in Srimad Bhagwat
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Author: Devi Dayal Aggarwal
Publisher: Kaveri Books
Language: English
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8174790225
Pages: 305
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
weight of the book: 380 gms

From the Jacket:

Srimad Bhagwat is a comprehensive purana projecting the advent of Vishnu in various incarnations. In this book, author has tried to trace the protocol in the life of people i.e. - political, social and spiritual in Pauranic era and comparing it with the modern concept of protocol.

The spiritual protocol indicating protocol within Gods, seniority in Gods, God-Jiva relation, is found in abundance. We also find mention of laws of war, laws of peace, international relations, international agreements, relation between the king and his subjects, the duties of the king and the subjects; social protocol about varan ashram institution, multi marriages by kings and not others, equality amongst people of all varnas in performing bhakti, attending social and royal functions, order of precedence in making seating arrangements in all functions as per capability and not as per varnas, division and supremacy of labour, allotment of priorities for jobs; administrative protocol about relation of king with his ministers, advisers etc.

For the sake of maintaining flow and continuity, related aspects of the protocol have also been included in the text. This makes the book a précised form of Srimad Bhagwat itself and it is considered that it will be of interest to scholars and general readers.

Born in 1933, the writer had his schooling in Sonepat (Haryana) and graduation and post graduation from Delhi. He joined Ministry of Railways in 1961 through IAS & Allied Services Examination and retired in 1988 as a Joint Secretary. By virtue of his interest in Sri Ramcharitmanas and literature, he got the inspiration of writing something on Manas. He was struck with the idea of bringing out the extent of existence of modern concept of protocol - social, political administrative and spiritual - in Ramacharitmanas. After writing the book 'Protocol in Sri Ramacharitmanas' in English and 'Manas me Shishtachar' in Hindi, the writer has tried to find the same protocol in Srimad Bhagwat too. The book based on Srimad Bhagwat is an original thinking of the writer, Shri Devi Dayal Aggarwal.


Hinduism is a way of life designed to be led following the dharma as per varnashram and Vedic tenets. This dharma is based on the advent of various incarnations of God. Such incarnations have taken place for the protection of dharma and to annihilate the asuras whenever there was increase in their number, and who tried to eliminate dharma. God incarnate, therefore, took place to annihilate the asuras and in turn provide protection and pleasure to the sadhus.

Srimad Bhagwat is a comprehensive granth propounding the advent of Vishnu in various incarnations. In this book, I have tried to trace the protocol in the life of people - political, administrative, international, social and spiritual - in our pauranic era comparing it with the modern concept of protocol. Since this book is by and large based on the relation of the creator (Brahma) and creature (Jiva), the spiritual protocol could be traced to a greater extent distinct from the many faceted life, narrated in Ramcharitmanas, where all aspects of the life, including international relation, are available in plenty. I have, therefore, attempted to project the same, which, it is claimed, is of advantage to the people of this era viz. Kalyug.

For the sake of maintaining flow and continuity, some portions have been written in this book not pertaining particularly to the protocol aspect. In this way, this book has taken the shape of a précised form of Srimad Bhagwat itself.

In the end, I hasten to mention that but for the cooperation and inspiration by my wife and son and constant instigation by my brother Jagan Nath, I may not have been able to accomplish this job.




  Foreword v
  Preface vii
  Introduction 1
  Srimad Bhagwat Mahatmya 8
1. Skandh-I 17
2. Skandh-II 42
3. Skandh-III 52
4. Skandh-IV 71
5. Skandh-V 94
6. Skandh-VI 105
7. Skandh-VII 118
8. Skandh-VIII 130
9. Skandh-IX 140
10. Skandh-X 163
11. Skandh-XI 253
12. Skandh-XII 275
  Srimad Bhagwat Mahatmya 282
  Index 285


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