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Puppet Craft

Puppet Craft
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Puppet Craft

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Item Code: NAC575
Author: Neetu Sharma
Publisher: Scholastic, New Delhi
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788184774733
Pages: 125 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.5 Inch X 5.3 Inch
weight of the book: 120 gms
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Learn to make puppets with your fingers, socks, felt, paper and almost anything else you can lay your hands on!

Puppets are great for playing with and for telling stories. With this collection of different kinds of puppets to make, you can now bring your favourite characters to life and liven up parties and class projects. All you need is this book, some material you will find around the house and tons of imagination!

The step—by—step instructions and easy—to—follow sketches make this book ideal for use at home or in the classroom.


About the Author

Neetu Sharma is an educationist. She has held workshops in puppet-making and story-telling. She has written and illustrated short stories for children. Neetu is also an artist with several exhibitions to her credit.



Puppetry Is possibly one of the most ancient forms of art and entertainment and has its roots in tribal societies. Puppetry involves the use of movable toys controlled by one or several puppeteers. This may be through several methods like strings, rods or shadows. The voice of a puppeteer adds life to a puppet.

Although some puppets are extremely complex, the puppets in this book have been made using easily available material and are simple to make. A few tips on how to use this book are given below.

1. Use of templates:

A design that can be used as a framework to make the puppet has been provided at the end of most chapters in the templates section.

• The template patterns given in the book may be traced on buffer paper and transferred on to a pastel sheet, felt etc. with white or yellow carbon.
• To enlarge the templates to a bigger size, a photocopier or scanner can be used.
• The templates have been labelled with the name of the body part, colour and number of pieces (P) required.


Eye templates have been provided in the templates section. Googly eyes give more life to a puppet. Some sock puppets have table tennis balls turned into eyes. Other sock puppets have eyes made out of buttons. The size of the puppet is an important consideration while pasting eyes.


After applying adhesive on an area, clips and pins to keep the pieces in also to stick the pieces quickly.
Paper may require 5 to 10 minutes of drying time after application of adhesive.
Felt, cloth, wool and socks will require fabric glue to stick and will require at least 30 minutes of drying time.


Hair for the puppet may be made straw, cotton or even paper. To look interesting, long, short and hair can be fixed on them.

Explaining common terms used in the book
a. Transparency
b. pastel sheets
a. Also abbreviations like (MB, P, I)

The material used in this book such as pastel sheets, transparencies, googly eyes etc. are easily available at stationery stores.




  Introduction ix
  Finger Puppets – Drawing Facial Features 1
  King and Queen 2
  Red Riding Hood 6
  Paper Finger Puppets – Teddy Bear 10
  Busy Bee 14
  Joker 18
  Fingers as Holders - Tortoise 22
  Bat 26
  Fat Man 30
  Felt Finger Puppets - Lion 34
  Whale 38
  Rod Puppets – Butterfly with Flapping Wings 42
  Jumpy Frog 46
  Red Indian 50
  Parrot 54
  Disposable Material Puppets - Duck 58
  Penguin 62
  Friends 66
  Crocodile 68
  Snake 72
  Spooky Skeleton 76
  Shadow Puppets – Using Your Hands 80
  Traditional Shadow Puppets 81
  Paper Bag Puppets – Paper Bag 83
  Elephant 86
  Sea Pirate 90
  Hand Puppets – Doll Puppet 93
  Sock Puppets – Curly-haired Puppet 95
  Funny Puppet 98
  Glove Puppets – Octopus 101
  Grandfather Puppet 104
  Quick Puppets - Ghost 108
  Comic Strip Puppet 110
  Puppet Theatre – Puppet Theatre 112

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