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Puranic Concept of Dana (An Old and Rare Book)

Puranic Concept of Dana (An Old and Rare Book)
Item Code: IDH096
Author: Dr. Kala Acharya
Publisher: Nag Publisher
Language: English
Edition: 1993
ISBN: 817081278X
Pages: 264
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book

The PURANIC CONCEPT of DANA provides an exhaustive expostion of the Hindu practice o gift-giving. Here in the author includes virtually every reference to Dana found in the Vadas, Smritis, Dharmasutras and Puranas. These texts reveal a broad spectrum of religiously sanctioned gifting. Specific guidelines exist governing simple hospitality as well as such grandiose offerings as a king's weight in gold or a mountain of jewels. These practices were widespread and important for the material support of Hindu society on every level. Consequently, elaborate directions and rituals developed to insure the propriety of gifts, givers and recipients. These teachings constitute the substance of Dr. Acharya's research, and through these passages the reader may glimpse the larger patterns of Hindu culture.

While the modern student may find the style of writing overly detailed and repetitive, one should remember their context and sense the 'Voice' of rishis.

About the Book

Dr. Kala Acharya has been Director of K.J. Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peeth, since its inception in 1989. she has had through out first class career.

She secured distinction in Sanskrit and Marathi at S.S.C. examination. She stood 2nd in order of merit in B.A. exam. Held by Nagpur University. She stood first and bagged four gold medals and a prize at M. A. (Sanskrit) examination held by Nagpur University.

1. Chancellor's Gold Medal-M.A,. 1969
2. Daji Hari Wadegaonkar Gold Medal M.A., 1969
3. Khan Bahadur H.M. Malak Gold Medal-M.A., 1969
4. Prakya Ganpatrao Gold Medal, M. A. & M. Sc. 1969
5. Sushilabai Kothiwan Prize-M.A., She got Ph. D. from University of Bombay
She has been awarded a number of scholarships. She has bagged prizes and trophies in oratory in her scholastic career.

Blessings v
List of abbreviationsxvii
Key to Transliterationxix
Origin of the concept of Dana and its growth in later religious literature; Concept of Dana in Mahabharata; Dana in Visnudharmottara; Manusmrti and dana; Visnusmrti and Dana; Gifts for atonement in Manusmrti; In praise of worthy recipient; Yama on the worthy recipient; In Mahabharata-Manu's view on worthy recipients;Brhaspati on the recipient of gifts; Worthy recipients; Receiving gifts looked down upon; The Puranas and the gifts and their deities; The Concept of Gifts in the Bhagavadgita; Outline of the chapters.
Cows; Sesame-cow; Water-cow; Juice-cow; Jaggery-cow; Sugar-cow; Honey-cow; Milk-cow; Curds-cow; Fresh-butter; Salt-cow. Cotton-cow; Corn-cow; Clarified-butter-cow; Gold-cow; Jewel-cow.
Gift of Corn-mountain; Gift of a Salt-mountain; gift of a Jaggery mountain; Gift of a Gold-Mountain; Gift of Sesame-mountain; Gift of a Cotton-mountain; Gift of a Ghee-mountain; Gift of a Jewel-mountain; The Gift of a Silver-mountain; Gift of a Sugar-mountain; Gift of the Hide of a Black-antelope; The Gift of a Cooking Pan; The Gift of a Bed; The Gift of a Boar; The Gift of a Sheep.
Gift of a lamp; The Gift of a lamp to the Sun; Some of the gifts to Siva; Gift to Salagrama; Gifts to Goddess in Worship.
The Gift of Cow; Gift of a Tawny-cow; The Gift of an Ubhayatomukhi cow; Gift of a She-buffalo; Gift of a Bull' Gift of other beasts; The Gift of a Daughter' The Gift of a Maid-servant; Gift of Golden Images of Visnu and Lakshmi as well as Siva and Gauri; Gift of the image of golden Ganpati; Gift of golden image of sanmukha; Gift of a golden Serpent; gift of Land; gift of a House-Prapadanam; Gift of Firebrick; Gift of Learning; Gifts of Garments Other Gifts (Gift of golden eye, musk and other auspicious articles); Gift of Bath.
Tulapurusa-danam; Hiranyagarbha-danam; Brahmanda-danam; Kalpavrksa danam; gift of a thousand cows; Gift of the wish-yielding cow; Gift of a golden horse; Gift of a Golden Chariot with Horses; Gift of a Golden Chariot drawn by Elephants; The Gift of Chariots drawn by Horses and Elephants; Gift of a Row of Ploughs; The Gift of the Golden Earth. Gift of Visvacakra; Gift of Kalpalata; The Gift of Seven Seas; Mahabhutaghata-danam; Atmapratikrtidanam; Kalapurusadanam; Apakadanam; The Gift of Earth; gift of the Primordial egg installed in a golden jar.
Gifts in different Lunar mansions; Gift on various Lunar Days
Auspicious days for the Sraddha-rite; Sraddha on each Lunar day; The ritual of the Sraddha; Sacred places for the Sraddha rite; Gifts of food and grains in the Sraddha; Gifts of other things in the Sraddha.
Danas given importance to protect Hinduism; Gifts instead of sacrifices; The gifts could be made by all; The effect of Buddhism on Danas; Broad outlook towards the receiver in the Puranas; Significance of making Gifts; Purta Danas; Psychological view behind the gifts.

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