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Reiki Grandmaster's Handbook for Prosperity & Health

Reiki Grandmaster's Handbook for Prosperity & Health
Item Code: NAY124
Author: Pranav
Publisher: Ishwarbhai Joshi Consultancy, Surat
Language: English
ISBN: 97881795710688
Pages: 414
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.42 kg
About the Author
Pranav is co-author of this Book.

Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi world famous healer who is very popular in western countries.

His "tract" (Books) on the series "Spiritual Health" is translated globally in twelve languages. His Spiritual Health books are studied by scholars in France, Sweden, Germany, Italy etc.

He not only healed thousands of people, but has attuned thousands of people as Reiki "Grandmaster".

He is Ph.D. in psychology; he has his own research as a psychologist which takes to teach Reiki. Your Perception regarding Reiki wills definitely changes as he has studied energies of saints around the world from different religion and cultures. Dr. Joshi is ‘Parloukik’ (supernatural) Reiki practitioner promoter.

In this book you will read the following topics and you will exchange great knowledge.

Know what is ‘Parloukik’ (supernatural) Reiki?

What is the process o giving ‘Parloukik’ Reiki to Vastu?

Which precautions to be taken while exchanging ‘Parloukik’ Reiki.

Reiki can be stolen, be careful.

Hoe to earn abundant money from supernatural Reiki?

What are the Challenges of ‘Parloukik’ Reiki Practioner?

Why ‘Parloukik’ (supernatural) Reiki is extremely powerful?

I n the effort to control nature by humans has cost the health of animals, vegetables and crops. The situation has become complicated. On a vast canvas, healthcare has taken place by illness. The matter got worse with unknown diseases actually created by humans.

Physical illness, mental illness has become an integral part of modern human life.

In the era of Jet Speed, no one is ready to wait for a second. The patients are pressurizing doctors to cure fast. The doctor asks pharmaceutical companies to make powerful drugs, to cure disease fast, with whatever side effects.

Humans have created anarchy in the natural system, which has resulted in disease. In addition, natural water resources, such as lake, river and sea everything polluted with chemicals.

For the sake of development, humans are destroying mountains and forests.

Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, is declining our health.

The only remedy for disease is Paralaukik Reiki.

Book's Contents and Sample Pages

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