The Religions of the World

The Religions of the World

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Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8185843503
Pages: 1114 {15 Illustration in B/W}
Cover: Hardcover
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The first birth centenary of Sri Ramakrishna was marked by a Parliament of Religious held in Calcutta in March 1937.The Parliament was not only the most important feature of the Centenary Celebration but also the first of its king in this country. Among those who presided over its various sessions lasting for eight days was Swami Abhedananda. One of Sri Ramakrishna's direct disciples, Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Francis Younghusband and Dr Brojendranath Seal. There was hardly a country which was not represented. Many savants personally came to pay their homage to this humble man of nineteenth century and those who could not come sent their tributes.

The Religious of the World reproduces in full the proceeding of this Parliament. The reader will find in it some invaluable discussions on the philosophical, moral, religious, sociological and spiritual questions of the world today by some best minds of the East and the West.

Preface v
Publisher's Note x
Note on the Pronunciation of Transliterated Words xi
Part I Sri Ramakrishna Centenary Parliament of Religions: Preparation and Programme
Introductory 3
Chapter I Programme of the Functions at the Sri Ramakrishna Centenary Parliament of Religions 16
Chapter II Greetings from Far and Near 46
Part II Sri Ramakrishna Centenary parliament of Religious: Welcome and Response
Chapter III Address by Chairman, Reception, Committee, Sir Manmahta Nath Mukherjee, Acting Chief justice, High Court of Calcutta 59
Chapter IV Greeting From Delegates 64
Chapter V Messages 79
Part III Presidential Addresses at the Parliament Sessions
Chapter VI Presidential Addresses
1 Dr. Sir Brajendra Nath Seal, M.A., PhD D.SC.
Ex-Vice Chancellor, University, Mysore
2 Dr. C.L. Chen
Consul-general for China, Calcutta
3 Swami Abhedananda
4 Kaka Kalelkar
Bhartiya Hindi Sahitya Parishad
5 Dr. Rabindranath Tagore
6 Swami Paramananda
Head of the Vedanta Centre, and Ananda Ashram
7 Sir Francis Younghusband, K.C.S.I., K.C.I.E.
Chairman, society For Promoting the Study of Religions, London
8 Prof. Muhammad Ali Shirazi of Iran University, Calcutta 138
9 Dr. D.R. Bhandarkar, M.A., PhD, G.R.A.S.B.
Sometime Carmichael professor of Ancient Indian history and Culture, University, Calcutta
10 Mahamahopadhyaya Prof. pramathanath Tarkabhushan Hindu University, Banaras 141
11 Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
Hyderabad and Bombay
12 Madame Adelina Del Carril De Guiraldes
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America: In Spanish with English Rendering
13 Srimat Swami Bhagavatanandji
Kavya-Samkhya-yoga-nayaya-veda-vedanta-Tirtha, Vedanta-Vagisa, Mimasa-Bhushana, Vedaratna, Darsanacharya, Mandalisvara, Benaras: in Hindi with English Summary
14 Dr. F.V. Tousek of Prague Consul for Czechoslovakia, Calcutta 162
15 Prof. A.B Dhruva, M.A., LLB
Hindu university, Banaras
Part IV Parliament Papers and Speeches: The Religions of the World
Chapter VII
Section I
The Ideas of Religion
By H.M. Banerjee, President, United Mission, Calcutta
Notes on Religious
By Prof. J.K. Kochanowski, University, Poland
The Rhythm of Sacrifice and the Rhythm of Prayer
By Prof. Emile Lasbax, University, France
The Nature of Religion: The View of a Modern Scientist
By Prof. Dr. Sushil Kumar Maitra, M.A., PhD University, Calcutta
Religious Categories as universal Expressions of Creative personality (A Study of Sociology of Values)
By Prof. Dr. Benoy Kumar Sarkar M.A., DR. GEOG., University, Calcutta
Humanism and Religiology
By Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Schayer, University, Poland
The Drama of Mankind in its Religious Aspect
By Prof. Dr, Richards C. Thurnwald, LLD, University, Germany
Unity of Religious
By Swami Vishwananda, President Ramakrishna Ashram, Bombay
The Idea of Religious
By Prof. Dr. Leopold Von Wiese, University, Germany
Section II
Religion and Culture
Architecture and Religion (A Lantern Lecture)
By Saris Chandra Chatterjee, Sthapaty-visarada, Architect, founder of Chatterjee School of Indian Architecture, Calcutta
Science and Religion
By Prof. Dr. Nilratan Dhar, D.SC. F.I.C. I.E.S, University, Allahabad, U.P
The social aspect of Religion in the crises of Human History
By Dr. Hermann Goetz, PhD, Kern Institute, Holland
Religion and Morality
By Prof. Girindra Narayan Mallick, M.A. B.L. Victoria College, Comilla Bengal
The Spiritual Foundations of Economics
By Prof. Dr. C. Narayana Menon, M.A. PhD, Banaras Hindu University
Race and Religion
By Prof. Dr. M. Winternitz, M.A. PhD, German University, Czechoslovakia
Section III
The Religious Systems of the World
Ideals of Islam
By Maulavi Idris Ahmad, B.A., MLA, Malda, Bengal
The Christian Viewpoint
By Prof. J.R. Banerjee, M.A. B.L, Ex-principal, Vidya Sagar College, Poland
The Tenets of The Jaina Religion
By Chhogmal Choprah, B.L., Honorary Secretary, Jaina Swetablar Terapanthi Sabha, Calcutta
The message of Zoroaster
By Prof. Sir Jehangirjee Coyajee, Andhra University Madras Presidency
The Sufi Movement in Europe
By Prof. Mrs. Gisella Munira Crang, University, Italy
Some Aspects of Bengal Vaishnavism
By Prof. B.V. Dasgupta, Dacca, Bengal
By Hirendra Nath Datta, M.A., P.R.S, Vice-President, National Council of Education, Bengal, Calcutta
Chinese Buddhism through Indian Eyes
By Prof. Nalinaksha Datta, M.A., PhD, D. Litt., University, Calcutta
By President El-Maraghy, Al-Azhar, University, Egypt
The Bahai Religion
By Mrs. Shirn Fozdar, Bombay
The Avadhota order of monks in the Gaudiya School of the Saktas
By Srimat Swami Kalikrishnananda, Giri, Calcutta
Buddhism in the Modern world
By Anagarika B. Govinda, General Secretary, international Buddhist University Association Banaras
Introduction to Shinto Theology
By Prof. Dr. Michiji Ishikawa, University, Tokyo
The teachings of the Hebrew prophets
By J.A. Joseph, Bombay
The Religion of the Dev Samaj
By P.V. Kanal, M.A., LLB, Ramsukh College, Punjab
Theosophy or Brahmavidya
By Prof. Tulsidas Kar, M.A. of the Theosophical Society, honorary Secretary, Bengal Theosophical Federation, Calcutta
The Spirit of Christ
By Rev J.J. Nicholas-Roy, B.A., Ex-Minister Assam Government, Shillong
Teachings of Islam As a Path to God
By Maulavi Zillur Rahman, Bengal provincial Ahamadiya Association, Dacca, Bengal
A New World Mipetus
By F. Rossetti, YMCA Calcutta
Virasaivism (The Religion of the Lingayets)
By T.H.M. Sadasivayya, M.A., Madras Judicial Service
Religion in India
By Prof. Kshetralal Saha, M.A., Nalanda College, Bihar Sharif, Patna, Bihar
Distinguishing Features of Hinduism
By Swami Sharvananda, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi and Karachi
The Sikh Ideal
By Prof. Gurmukh Nihal Singh, Hindu University, Banaras
Universal Religion
By Shri Pandit Sukhdevji, Vidyavachaspati, Darsanopadhyaya, Acharya, Arya Samaj, Calcutta
The Buddhist Way of life
By Devapriya Valisinha, B.A., Mahabodhi Society, Calcutta
Theosophy or Wisdom-Religion
By Madame Sophia Wadia, Bombay
What is Chinese Religion?
By Prof. Tan Yun-Shan, Sino-Indian Cultural Society, Nanking, China
Section IV
Ramakrishna and Vivekananda
Sri Ramakrishna and the religion of Man 509
Vivekananda and social Service 512
Ramakrishna's Gospel of Harmony 515
Sri Ramakrishna's Teachings 526
The spirit of Vivekananda 529
Synthesis of Religions in Ramakrishna 532
Sri Ramakrishna as the Prophet of the Church Invisible 546
Ramakrishna in Continental Europe 551
Ramakrishna and the Only road to peace 553
Sri Ramakrishna and Religious symbolism 560
Ramakrishna 575
Sri Ramakrishna and universal Religion 577
Sri Ramakrishna The Messiah of Spiritual Democracy 583
Sri Ramakrishna Message to the Modern World 589
Sri Ramakrishna as the Teacher of Synthetic Hinduism and of a Nation-Building Religion 592
Swami Vivekananda 598
Sri Ramakrishna A study in Spiritual Consciousness 602
The Advent of Sri Ramakrishna 613
Section V
Religion and Philosophy
The message of truth 619
The life of Detachment 620
Inward veracity its religious sense 624
The system of Dvaitadvaita 633
Diversity in Unity 637
Religion and Philosophy 638
Where we are one 651
Harmony in science and religion 661
The destiny of man 666
Vaishanava Philosophy 694
The Vedantic Conception of Peace 696
Religion and Life's Harmony 698
The Religion of Realization 708
The Doctrine of Self-Surrender 711
The Realization of Brahman 724
Section VI
Religion and Social Service
The Service of Humanlity as the Truest Form of Religion 729
The ideals of the Bratachari Movement 734
The Spirit of Social Service in India 738
Women and Religion 742
Social service in Public Health 745
Section VII
Historical, Comparative and other Studies of Religion
The Esoteric Science of the Aryan Rishis 755
The conquest of the Grail 762
The ideal of Indian Sainthod 797
Brahmacharya in ancient India 805
Thomas Paine and the Ramakrishna Centenary 815
The Bhagavatas 817
Ordeal by Poison Among the primitive people of Belgian Cango 820
Two Indian Modes of Revelation: the Upanishad and the Gita 824
The Three souls of man in Dante's Hell 825
An introduction to the Study of the Chandi 832
Religion and Rationalism in ancient Hindu Culture 842
The Bhagavad-Gita and the Tao Te Ching 856
Sankaracharya and Thomas Aquinas 871
Section VIII
Religion and Current Problems
Some Obstacles to Toleration
By Prof. H.D. Bhattacharyya, M.A., B.L. PRS, University, Dacca
Complexity of Hindu Religion
By Pandit Viswanath Atmarm Borwanker, Jhansi, U.P
Profession and Realization, and Path and No Path
By Ramananda Chatterjee, M.A., Editor, Modern Review, Calcutta
The Essential Unity of All Religions
By Dr. Bhagavan Das, M.A., D.Litt, member of the Indian Legislative Assembly, Banaras
The Problem of World-Peace
By Ramanikumar Datta Gupta, BL, Sahitaratna, Dacca, Bengal
Ethico-Religious Equilibrium of Great Civilizations
By Prof. G.L. Duprat, University, Geneva, General Secretary of the societies and Institute of Sociology, Paris
The World's need of Religious unity
By Prof. Charles A. Ellwood, PhD LLD, Duke, University, North Carolina, USA, sometime President of the American sociological society and of the International Institute of Sociology, Geneva
The Social Laws
By Mrs. A. Ruth Fry, Thorpens, Suffolk, England
Morality and Political Power
By Prof. A. Berriedale Keith, M.A., DCL, LLD, University, Scotland
Cross and Eagle
By Dr. Count Hermann Keyserling, Darmstadt, Germany
The Need of the Modern World
By Swami Madhavananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna math and Mission, Belur Math, Bengal
An incoherent Continent
By Prof. Jivoin Peritch, Professor of Law, University, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
The Shell and the Kernel of Religion
By Rao Bahadur C. Ramanujachariar, B.A., Secretary, Sri Ramakrishna mission Students Home, Mylapore, Madras
Hinduism of Tomorrow
By Swami Sambuddhananda, Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Bengal
Religion, Society and the individual
By Prof. Dr. Benoy Kumar Sarkar, M.A., Vidya-Vaibhava, University, Calcutta
Christendom's Need of Christ
By Prof. Gilbert Slater, University, Oxford, England
The Human Factor in the Formation of Capital
By President F. Zahin, LLD, PhD, Statistical Institute of Bavaria
Part V Observation and Farewell
Chapter VIII Observations 999
Chapter IX Farewell Address 1024
Appendix 1045
Index 1057
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