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Religious Consciousness and Life-Worlds

Religious Consciousness and Life-Worlds
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Author: T. S. Rukmani
Publisher: Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, in association with Shimla Indus Publishing Company, New Delhi
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8185182124
Pages: 223
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.4"
About the Book

The papers in this volume were first presented at a seminar held at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla during May, 1987. the participants invited had a special concern with the phenomenology of religion and an attempt was made to reflect seriously on matters such as the bearing of transformation of consciousness on life-world, tribal religious consciousness, and sharing of religious life-worlds, taking into account Hindu, Muslim and Christian approaches to the themes discussed. The papers and discussions deal with an Important area in religious studies and will be of interest not only to the specialist but to all concerned with the forces shaping pluralist societies today.

About the Author

Currently the Principal of Miranda House, University College for Women, University of Delhi, Delhi, Dr. (Mrs.) T. S. Rukmani is the author of the four-volume series on Vijnanabhiksu's Yogavarttika and A Critical Study of the Bhagavata Purana. She is a regular contributor to wellknown indological both in India and abroad.

PrefaceT. S. Rukmani
Opening RemarksMargaret Chatterjee1
1Life-Worlds, Sacrality And Interpretive ThinkingJ. L. Mehta 7
2Transformation Of Consciousness And The Individual's Life-WordPratima Bowes37
3Life-Words In KierkegaardJyotsna Chauhan51
4Light From The Christian Jnana-Karma-Bhakti-SamuccayaRichard DeSmet, SJ64
5Faith And UnderstandingM. M. Agrawal84
6Adivasi Religious Sconsciousness And Life-World Jyoti Sen99
7Islam Lived And Perceived From Within A Pluralistic Nation And world: The Case Of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Christian Troll, SJ113
8Can Diverse Religious Life-Worlds Be Shared?Bettina Baumer129
9When Stones Become Conscious: Some Reflections On the Becoming of ManSehdev Kumar139
10Sharing of Religious Life-WorldsJamal Khawaja150
11Religious Consciousness As Conceived In The Bhakti TraditionsT. S. Rukmani156
12On Asymptotic Realization S. G. Rukmani 156
13The Boundless Finite: Tagore's Ideas Concerning Religious Consciousness And Life-WorldsP. K. Roy180
14The Meaning And Significance Of Religion: The Humanist PerspectiveN. K. Devaraja190
15Religious Consciousness And The Life-WorldsJeannette Bossert199
16Value-Consciousness: The Sikh PerspectiveWazir Singh207
Concluding RemarksMargaret Chatterjee216

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