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The Revelation After The Latest Revealed

The Revelation After The Latest Revealed
Item Code: NAX350
Author: R.N. Sarkar
Publisher: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, Kolkata
Language: English
Edition: 2010
Pages: 274
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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The Latest Revelation in the East appeared in 1987; the Centenary year of the Latest Revealed, by which I mean Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra by his disciples called Sri Sri Thakur or simply Thakur, hereinafter Thakur in this work, born in the eastern part of Bengal now called Bangladesh: The present title is meant to suggest Thakur's prophesied Advent, a related subject, more interesting when the relation is closely followed, and that is done in this work, but the Advent is still quite independent and unique in hagiography, I have not seen any parallel in history yet, therefore a wonder for me, it continued to grow ever since I came into contact, and became a follower, even in the common sense of the term, with their life and activities. I saw first Thakur at Deoghar in 1951, and then the Next Advent in 1984. The first meeting with the Latest Revealed and with the Next Advent after long 33 years is linked up by a miraculous dream which has been narrated in the Latest Revelation; I should yet perhaps recount it in brief in this work.

One thing I must explain here immediately, in Indian tradition the meeting with a Divine Personality is called Darsan, meeting used here only for Western readership, Indian Darsan has a spiritual connotation, when you see a divinely enlightened personality, or fortunately Divinity itself, you do not meet but see in him the light sparking, by which you too, if for a moment, feel enlightened. This happened to me on both the occasions, and therefore I humbly acknowledge this work is a sort of my own autobiography, but not at all the Biography of the Latest-Revealed-after Advent.

I should explain why. He is like the Sun by which I can see • everything else within my view and itself only when it rises in the sky, otherwise I cannot. He reveals Himself. He must when He has assumed body, but however much He may have revealed I have the least prospect to view all for a special reason I shall later explain, beside the common reason, my human limitation, the limitation of a kind that forbids human vision to see everything in the Sun even if it shines in its full glory. The account here is limited to what I had the power and privilege to see and -know of the manifested semblance - not then could be arranged in proper historical order. I am not His Boswell, neither Milton's Masson, I am merely an unengaged by any, unordered self-appointed free-style observer and an interested pursuer of a great Revelation, if I say Greatest it may in the outside world appear presumptuous, I stop short and leave the world free to draw its own conclusion from a scrappy ill-arranged account. My life is here fully involved though not a historical account of my life in full. I shine here only as one shines in the sun.

The Advent I take up in these pages should not be presented as an Incarnation of the Second Person of the traditional Hindu Trinity collateral to the Christian Trinity; He refuses to be called • so, Thakur too before Him in his communion-state sayings (in Bengali, Thakur's mother tongue) always referred to an Entity he called Param Pita, not merely Father as Jesus called 'his Father in heaven', but Supreme Father, only to make it short Father, translated in the original English verses of sayings into 'Lord, Universal I, again made short 'I'. Thakur's suggestion in the Bhab-Bani (Holy sayings) stage seems to be the Ultimate Beyond-Trinity, far beyond his own, stage - the Sole-I of the Grand Unity, I of all-I's (Plural); supported by Ekoham Bahusyam (Me-One evolved into Many).

Thakur played a divine hoax, months before he shuffled his body he told some of his disciples (me not among them) that he would be coming soon, shuffling his body, born son to his youngest son, but years before that he had in eight months six times said in presence of leading followers that who was due next must be born in a Brahmin family and would not be like him but one endowed with all-smashing authority to build a new, to overhaul everything wrong irresistibly. These are recorded, in as far detail as I know and could pick up from different sources, here, in this work.

In this work I present this Advent simply as 'Baba' in my own language, English version Father, not exactly in Christ's sense, but for the sake of easing the strain of complexity, in Thakur's trance-state sense of the Highest. That is why to distinguish this Entity from Thakur immediately and from all others of the Enlightened Incarnations anywhere I put that Personality in broad Capital. Thereby, I think, I have taken upon myself the heaviest burden to explain to the world this apparent presumption. I beg with all humility to say I respect all the great and good men of the world, I only make it convenient to the course of study of a great mystery of an Advent in my life time. I don't mean any hurt to anybody's faith and feel quite at ease to share difference, if there be any, of views and ideas and faith.

I request my readers, East and West, North and South, to follow the line of enquiry, here it is nothing but an enquiry, the Advent I speak of is still in His human body, only in His thirty-seventh year of age while I write this section of the book (2008, Jan.), but curiously enough I am not sure where He is physically present though inside India: This may appear to my readers an exceptional oddity, I agree it is so. I cannot help it, as I cannot the style of my writing adopted here, I make the highest effort to make my point clear in the following pages, and still it seems something yet eludes my grasp, dear readers bear with me if I have hurt anybody anyway anywhere!

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