The Rgveda - Interpreted and Translated with a Review of Important Interpretations Ancient and Modern (Volume IV)
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The Rgveda - Interpreted and Translated with a Review of Important Interpretations Ancient and Modern (Volume IV)

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Author: Ram Gopal
Publisher: Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute, Hoshiarpur
Language: English
Edition: 2015
Pages: 284
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 380 gm
About the Book

The present Volume blazes a new trail in the interpretation of the Rgveda. the oldest and outstanding work of world literature which has influenced the religion. Philosophy, Law, literature and culture of India. In order to dispel the confusion and misconceptions arising from the diversity of arbitrary and inconsistent commentaries and translations of this sacred text, the present author has presented a lucid consistent and rational translation of the Rgveda with a critical review of important interpretations ancient and modern after a thorough and minute examination of all the relevant Vedic passages. In his interpretation the author follows the guiding principle that the Veda must shine with its own light, without any prejudice or predilection. In the Exegetical Notes appended to the Translation the author refers to the divergent views of the ancient Indian commentators and modern Vedic scholars on the interpretation of obscure and rare Rgvedic words together with his own conclusions on the subject. Besides the doubtful grammatical forms of the relevant Rgvedic words have also been discussed in the Notes.

About the Author

Professor Ram Gopal, a former Vice- Chancellor of M.D. University, Rohtak and formerly Kalidasa Professor of Sanskrit and Head of the Department of Kalidasa Chair, Panjab University, Chandigarh, is an eminent Sanskrit scholar of international repute. He is an acknowledged authority on the Vedic language, literature and culture. His outstanding and original research works which include India of Vedic Kalpa-Sutras, Vaidika Vyakarana (in two volumes),Vaidika- Vyakhya- Vivechana, Vedartha-Vimarsa, The History and Principles of Verlic Interpretation, Kalidasa: His Art and Culture, The Vedic Language and Exegesis, Vedic heritage have been highly appreciated by the renowned scholars of Sanskrit and Indology all over the world. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the realm of Sanskrit studies he was awarded the Independence Day Award, Certificate of Honour in Sanskrit, by the President of India in 1971. And the same year he was honoured by the Haryana Government also with the State literary Award in Sanskrit and a Felicitation Volume. The Ministry of Education and Culture, Government of India, awarded him a literary Prize of Rs. 10,000 in 1981 in appreciation of his reputed research work Vaidika Vyakarana (in two Volumes). He was honoured by Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya Veda-Vidya Pratishthana Ujjain with a Citation and a Cash Award in 2003. He has chaired several seminars, symposia and conferences connected with Vedic studies. He was the President of the Vedic section f the All India Oriental Conference held in 1966.


The Volume IV comprises the translation and interpretation of Mandalas V and VI ascribed to the families of Atri and Bharadvayajs Respectively.

I Thanks Prof. I.D. Uniyal for his active co-operation in the publication of this work. I am highly thankful to Prof. T. S. Bindra for reading the proofs with great care.


Exegetical Notes193-280

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