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Rights of Husband and Wife

Rights of Husband and Wife
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Author: Mufti Muhammad Abdul Ghani
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8171011535
Pages: 42
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.9" X 4.5"
weight of the book is 48 gm

Publisher's Note

This useful book is written is Urdu by Mufti Mohammed Abdul Ghani on the request of Maulvi Hakim Syed Jamil-uddin of Shahjahanput.

People in general are ignorant to mutual rights, particulary are apt to the negligence of opposite sex. In some cases this oppressed six pays in the same coin, some times in retaliation and some times due to ignorance. Carelessness in the particulars of married life gives way to several and serious mis-understandings and this social upset results in various new problems to be faced. Unfortunately people tackle them wrongly and when that permissible but unapproved stage of separation arises the state of affected members of the family, specially the children is very deplorable and in the long run the whole society has the bad effects of the event. I think the author had this very idea in his mind which made him to write this useful book. This book Insha-Allah will certainly help the readers to learn and guide themselves and by giving up unapproved acts they may create a good, healthy and pleasant and peaceful social order. It is rightly hoped that every sensible man will second it, as not to be deprived of his just rights.

The language of the transalation is simple and easy to understand.

I am very much thankful to Mr. Zameerul Hassan who on my request, kindly took up the job of correcting and revising the typed manuscript and gave some useful suggestions and additions to make the book more comprehensive.

In the last I pray Almighty Allah to accept this our humble effort and guide us to right path and help us in availing His pleasure to lead a pious life as of a true Muslim, Amin.

Back of the Book

The book by Mufti Muhammad Abdul Ghani gives an exhaustive account of the rights of husband and wife over each other in the light of the Holy Qur'an and ahadeeth.




1 Maintenance  
2 Cleaning and decorative objects. 2
3 Fulfilling the terms of 'Nikah'. 2
4 To suckle the baby 2
5 Expenses of medical treatment 3
6 Rights of meeting 'Mehrams'. 4
7 Conditions of living house 6
8 Details of maintenance. 8
9 Provision of expenses of a maid to serve the woman or cooked food. 9
10 If the man is poor provision of expenses. 10
11 Engaging a servant for the children 12
12 Servant for ailing women and her maintenance. 12
13 Saving from regular expenses is woman's property. 13
14 It is not permissible to help relatives 14
15 Wife can get the marriage annulled. 14
16 Expenses of burial. 14
17 Use of dowry (Jahez). 14
18 'Zakat and Hai not obligatory till the immediate dowry ius not paid.


19 Woman's possession of husband's property in lieu of dower (Mehr). 15
20 In case of differences. 16
21 Woman is not bound to obey 17
22 Excellence of maintenance 17
23 Which is the best woman. 19
24 Happy living. 21
25 Blandishment of woman. 24
26 Holy prophet placated His consorts. 26
27 Sanctity of relationship. 28
28 Rights of men. 29
29 Obedience to husband. 33
30 Obedience to husband religiously obligatory on wife. 34
31 Rights of beating the woman. 36
32 Amity and affection between husband and wife. 38
33 Advice to men and women 39
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