Rinzai Master of the Irrational  (Zen Masters Series)
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Rinzai Master of the Irrational (Zen Masters Series)

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Author: Osho Rajneesh
Publisher: The Rebel Publishing House
Language: English
ISBN: 3893380698
Pages: 204 (Illustrated With B & W Figures)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.8"
Weight 360 gm

From the Jacket:

Rinzai would shout at his disciples to give them a first experience of their centering. You are both a circumference and a center. You live on the circumference; the shout simply pushes you to the center.

Once you experience being at the center you suddenly see the whole world changing. Your eyes are no more the same….

About the Book

“The authentic religion does no preach morality. Morality comes on its own accord. The authentic religion teaches you to be centered in yourself. Then everything that is good follows, and what is bad simply does not arise…. It is not that you are being good; you cannot be otherwise. This is the miracle of zen.”

About the Author

Osho is in a category all of his own, and as he states: “I am nobody. I don’t belong to any nation, I don’t belong to any political party. I am simply and individual, the way kept myself absolutely uninfluenced by any idiotic ideology –religious, political, social, financial. And the miracle is that because I am not burdened with all these glasses on my eyes, and curtains before me, I can see clearly.”


Note to the Readervii
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3Zen Is a Revolution55
4How Coarse!77
5Relax and Disappear95
6All You Can Do Is Drop Your Mind113
7There is No Final Destination131
8Holidays Are Not for Saints151
About Osho168
OSHO International Meditation Resort170
For More Information172

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