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The Ritual of Animal Sacrifice in Islam

The Ritual of Animal Sacrifice in Islam
Item Code: IDJ011
Author: Mohammad Iqbal Siddiqi
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8171013260
Pages: 40
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.4"


The practice of sacrifice was not uncommon before the advent of Islam. Human sacrifice was practised both on the mainland of Greece and in the Greek colonies, usually as a means towards expulsion of evil. It occupied prominent place in the ritual of the mother goddesses of ancient times. It had also been a fundamental element of both Jewish and Gentile religions, and Christianity. Islam has not only exterminated the very idea of human sacrifice but an outward symbol of a Muslim's readiness to lay down his life, and to sacrifice all his interests and desires in the cause of Truth. The purpose of sacrifice is not fulfilled when a man submits himself completely to the Command of Allah. In this sense all the manifold rites, consecrations and purifications, offerings and sacred feasts, all the working of asceticism and morality are only the indirect expression of the inner experience of religion - the experience of trust, surrender, yearning and enthusiasm. Sacrifice, whether that of animals, wealth or desires, is the practical proof of man's devotion to his creator.

The purpose of writing this book is to acquaint the English knowing Muslims with the true significance and rites of animal sacrifice in Islam. Efforts have been made to make this book well document by quoting relevant verses of the Holy Qur'an and Ahadith (Traditions) of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) regarding essentials of sacrifice.

There are some topics under Islamic faith and practice and the affairs concerning the life of the Muslim Community on which Islamic literature in English language is not available in the shape of one book. Messers Kazi Publications have taken this task and decided to publish comprehensive books on all aspects of Islam. This book is an humble attempt in this regard. It is hoped that this book will serve the purpose in view and will meet the requirement of all those who would be eager to know the requisites and mode of animal sacrifice.

I am indebted to many authors whose works I have consulted while writing this book. A list of the principal books is given at the end. I also desire to record my sincere thanks to my brother Muhammad Ikram Siddiqi for his valuable suggestions and assistance in the compilation of this book

May it please Allah to accept this humble contribution. Amin!

18 - Dilshad Street
Shalamar Town, Lahore
Mohammad Iqbal Siddiqi
December 18, 1978

Back Of Book

The purpose of sacrifice is not fulfilled, only by shedding the blood of an animal, but it requires complete submission towards the Commands and Guidance of Allah. Keeping it, the author explains the true significance, essentiality and rites of animal sacrifice according to Holy Qur'an and Ahadeeth.

Preface vii-viii
Meaning of Sacrifice 1-2
Sacrifice in Islam 2-3
Historical background of Animal Sacrifice 4-8
The True Essence of Animal Sacrifice 8-11
The Significance of Animal Sacrifice 11-13
Sacrifice is a General Command for All Muslims 13-14
Animals Religiously Allowed for Sacrifice 15-17
It is Permissible to join Seven Persons in A Cow or A Camel 17-19
The Sacrifice of A Blemished Animal is not Admitted 19-20
Marking of Sacrificial Animal 20-21
Garlanding of Sacrificial Animal 21-21
Deriving Benefits from Animals Dedicated for Sacrifice 21-23
Sacrifice of Animal Completely Exhausted and Fatigued 23-23
Of What Age the Animal is to be Sacrificed 23-25
Appointed Days for Sacrifice 25-26
The Proper Time for Sacrifice 26-27
It is not Permissible for One Who intends to Sacrifice the Animal to Get One or Nails cut after beginning of Dhu'l Hijja 27-28
It is forbidden to sacrifice the animal for anyone besides Allah, the exalted, and curse upon one who does it 28-29
Recitation of Tasmiya (Bismillah-in the name of Allah)and Takbir (Allahu Akbar-Allah is most great) 29-31
Animal should be slaughtered by the sacrificer with his own hand or in his presence 31-32
Proper method of slaughtering animals 32-33
Precautions to be observed by the sacrificer 33-34
Mode of slaughtering animals 34-35
Disposal of the flesh of sacrificial animal 35-36
It was not permissible to eat the flesh of sacrificial animals beyond three days at the beginning of Islam, but this prohibition was abrogated, and now it is permissible 36-37
Disposal of hides and skins of sacrificed animals 37-38
Reward for sacrifice 38-38
Bibliography 39-39

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