Road To Shirdi: A Journey of Mysterious Encounters and Awakening

Road To Shirdi: A Journey of Mysterious Encounters and Awakening

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Author: Kaushalya Kuwadekar
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788183281577
Pages: 182
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4 Inch X 5.5 Inch
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All roads lead to one destination our self. Having gone through a difficult childhood and experienced a variety of mysterious encounters at a young age. Kaushalya Kuwadekar turned to prayer to find answers to her questions. Divine messages and guidance through the years transformed her life and awakened her to a new way of being.

Road to Shirdi captures the author’s extraordinary quest for inner peace and her experiences of betrayal hurt healing and love eventually sharing with us that the greatest healer in all relationships including that with ourselves is forgiveness.

About the Author

Kaushalya Kuwadekar spent many of her formative years in Zambia before moving to Pune and then Mumbai. She graduated in Indian philosophy from the University of Mumbai. She has traveled extensively in the pursuit of the knowledge of god and has been associated with various spiritual organizations practicing numerous healing methods. Road to Shirdi is her first book. Kuwadekar currently lives with her family in Mumbai.


In the deep sleep of the night a voice commanded me arise you have work to do!

I could not open my eyes because of my fear of the dark I lay there shivering more awake than asleep now tossing and turning for what seemed like forever. I stayed like that in bed until at last the first light of dawn removed the fear and helped me get up.

This continued for a few more days so in order to understand what the voice was asking me to do and where it came from I decided to chant the name of the lord in the form of a mantra. As my fear slowly transformed into love my understanding began to awaken to a level that transcended my earthly wisdom. Experience of the spirit started a become a daily occurrence and little miracles appeared as gifts which helped to open my heart gently reassuring me at every step that indeed He was holding my hand through all the challenges I faced like everyone else during my life.

Thus began my journey on the spiritual path. Over time I was led to join various spiritual organizations practice different religious and perform diverse disciplines. Soon I was traveling far and wide to numerous place of pilgrimage on a quest to find the answers to the mystical events that the spirit was flooding my life with.

For some time I would be peaceful with an organization or a practice that I had discovered but then restlessness would overtake me. Having searched far and wide at last I turned within to seek the truth and in the quiet of the night I realized that I had nowhere else to look. Within there were answers to all my question.

All of us are on this path on this journey to seek the truth and to find our relationship with god and with ourselves. Recently as I traveled to Shirdi to pay my respects to Sai Baba I realized that all religious and practices of the spirit lead you to one god. Each one of us is at a different level of spiritual development and therefore religions and organizations provide for various needs of spiritual knowledge. No one organization can provide all the spiritual needs at every level. They are here to be used as pathways to reach the final destination. When the lessons and knowledge are learnt and when one feels disconnected with the present teachings then he will feel the need to find a different philosophy to fill the void left by the last one.

Ultimately the way to god transcends all religious castes and creeds.

This is the message that Sai Baba and many other masters have given us through their teachings that there is only one truth love is god. Everything is conceived in love and therefore we all are love simply that.

Soon after my return home from Shirdi the voice of God spoke to me once more and said it is time now. You must write.

What follows is my life’s spiritual journey which brought me to the Road to Shirdi why I have been asked to write this book I am still not sure but I do it in the hope that it will lighten many hearts and encourage everyone who is on the spiritual path.


Acknowledgements ix
Preface xi
Prologue xiii
1God and Me1
2The Bookshop 10
3My Childhood Years 13
4My Father 20
5My Grandmother 34
6The Ghost of Sholapur Bazar 46
7My Mother 53
8The Love of My life 67
9The Paths of healing 78
10The Healings Continues 88
11Kriya Yoga 103
12Angels Guides and Aliens 116
13The Spiritual Masters and the children of today 132
14Sai Baba and the Road to Shirdi 147
15The Love of God 168