Sadhana (A New Way to Life Divine)

Sadhana (A New Way to Life Divine)

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Author: Chakor Ajgaonkar
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 72761392
Pages: 131
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 170 gm
About the book

Spiritual thought and Endeavour is essence of Indian culture. Various styles of Sadhanas and the philosophies and techniques underlying them are embedded in Bharatiya Vidya. It aims at transforming ‘Sundaram’ and ‘Shivam’ into ‘Satyam’ raising human ego into Cosmic Awareness. This is the Supreme goal of human life oh his planet.

The book is designed to orient human body, mind, intellect and ego towards path of light leading to self realization. It portrays sterling spiritual process and experience against the back drop of ‘Saints’ and Masters self-revelations and embodies author’s own reflections based on integrated approach to the world of Sadhana presented in lucid style.


About the author

Shri Chakor Ajgaonkar, MA, is an aspirant of Natha and Datta cult, initiated in Kundalini Yoga. He was a Dy. Secretary in Maharashtra Government and was Editor of ‘Sailela Magazine of-Shirdi Trust for several years. He is a student of Saint Literature, a poet, lyrist and a spiritual writer. His literary diction is coupled with high spiritual and yogic experiences and grace from Guru and God.

Shri Ajgaonkar has written a number of books in Marathi. His Drama on untouchability earned State award in 1955. He was honoured by Manik Prabhu Darbar in 1979 and felicitated by Thane Mayor in 1996 for his literary accomplishments. His recorded songs are relayed on AIF/TV and his musical cassette of Sai songs from his famous ‘Saigeetayan’ is sung by Anuradha Paudwal & Suresh Wadkar. His publications in English include: ‘Tales from Saibaba’s Life: Divine Glory of Shirdi Sai’ and ‘Footprints of Saibaba:



We are happy to introduce the book “Sadhana-A New Way to Life Divine” to our readers for their spiritual benefit and divine edification.

The book is designed to impart higher spiritual guidance and practical sadhana work plan to genuine seekers and earnest aspirants. To a common religious souls and lovers of Atomic Truth, this book will present a correct perspective of various Sadhana styles, internal processes of transformation and orient him to Godword journey on the path of divine illumination.

Shri Chakor Ajgaonkar the author of this book is himself an aspirant of Natha and Kundalini cult, an inspired poet and a spiritual writer. Besides he has been practicing Sadhana for a long time, with faith and devotion. He has, in addition, the grace of Guru and God in such abundance. This has inspired the emergence for his handbook of Sadhana for higher seekers as well as the beginners in the field.

The goal of “Bharatiya Vidya” is to assimilate the philosophy, teachings of saints and masters in our day-to-day life and to imbibe spiritual thought and endeavour which is the heart of the Indian culture, in our word, thought and deed. Shri Ajgaonkar brings out the processes, techniques as also the core of Spiritual Sadhana through eloquent words of Saints and Masters and backs them by his practical knowledge and experience.

We wish this book serves as a useful guide to Sadhakas for Self-realization.




Foreword vii
Part I  
1. Sadhana, a corridor to Divine Life 1
2. Purification of Body, Mind Intellect 5
3. Reflections of Saints, Sages, Seers and Thinkers on Sadhana 11
4. Great Thinkers on Sadhana 14
5. Saints on Sadhana 19
6. Lord on Sadhana 23
7. Seers on Sadhana 28
Summary 32
Part II  
1. Scope and Discussions 37
2. Preparatory Stage of Sadhana 41
3. The Philosophy of Nath and Dutta Cult 47
4. Teachings of Datta Mahatmya 54
5. Various Vahinis of Shri Satya Sai Baba 61
Part III  
1. Sadhana on the basis of Experience 67
2. Preparation of Mind, Buddhi (Bhava and Sankalpa for Realisaion) 73
3. Bhava, Sankalpa, Contemplation, Ego and Awareness 82
4. Final Journey on Mahayoga Pathway 87
APPENDIX- Gita Style of Life Divine 111

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