Sakti (Shakti) and Her Episodes: On the Basis of Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology

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Author: Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 8186339701
Pages: 107
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Jacket

The book deals with two different modes of manifestation of the external and infinite Brahman as Purusa and Prakrti whom the Tantras describe as Siva and Sakti, which are as inseparable as heat from fire. Sakti is the divine energy of Brahman who is none other than Lord Siva himself.

The book narrates some important episodes of Sakti handed down to us through the Puranas which in their encyclopedic form have preserved ancient Indian Tradition through the ages.

The book is divided into 27 chapters which deal primarily with the episodes of Mahisa, Sumbha, Nisumbha, Dhumralocana, Canda, Munda, Raktabija and their slaughter at the hands of Mahamaya. The episodes are drawn from Markandeya and other Puranas and narrated in the spirit of the original but they are interpreted scientifically by applying critical apparatus which the modern research has provided for us.

In the elaborate introduction, the learned author has traced the origin and development of the concept of Sakti as the divine energy of Brahman, her manifold forms and activities as well as her great plan enforced with the aim of gaining victory over the evil forces. In explaining the Tantric Philosophy he has come to the conclusion that the Tantras give us a synthesis between the Upanisads and the Puranas by accepting the philosophy of the former the practical Sadhana of the other .

Documented with Introduction and Index.

About the Author

Dr. Pushpendra Kumar (b. 14-7-1936). Reader, Sanskrit Department, South Delhi Campus, University of Delhi, Delhi.

  1. (Sanskrit) first class first & Gold Medalist, 1958
  2. PhD- Sakti Cult in the Puranas, 1967
  3. F.R.A.S. London, 1971
  4. Commonwealth Scholarship Holder, 1970-72
  5. Post-doctral studies in the University of London
  6. Prinicipal-Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi, 1972-74
  7. Chief Investigator- Major U.G.C. Research Project A descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit Inscriptions
  8. Author of twelve books and 25 Research articles.
Introduction 1
1 The Great Delusion 27
2 The Goddess of Delusion 30
3 The Awakening 32
4 The Asura Mahisa 36
5 Mahamaya 38
6 The Battle, the End of Mahisa 40
7 Adoration and the Pact 44
8 Sumbha and Nisumbha 49
9 Kalika and Ambika 53
10 The Vision 56
11 The Vow 57
12 Dhumra-locana 60
13 Canda, Munda and Kali 62
14 Sumbha and Deva Energy 65
15 Siva, the Messenger 69
16 The Deva Saktis in the Battle 71
17 Rakta-Bija 72
18 The fall of Nisumbha 75
19 The One without a Second 78
20 The Fall of Sumbha 80
21 Adoration by Devas 82
22 Sumbha and Nisumbha again 87
23 Rakta-Dantika 91
24 Sakambhari 92
25 Bhima 93
26 Bhramari 94
27 The Great Plan 96
28 The Sage Medhas to the King and the Vaisya 99
29 The King, the Vaisya and the Goddess 101
Index 103
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