Salakya Tantra (E.N.T. & Head Disorders)
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Salakya Tantra (E.N.T. & Head Disorders)

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Item Code: NAU989
Author: Dr. K. Nishteswar, Dr. R. Vidyanath and Dr. K. Vijaya Kumari
Publisher: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Language: With Sanskrit Text and English Translation
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 978817080407
Pages: 292 (Throughout B/W and Color Illustrations)
Other Details 9.50 X 7.50 inch
Weight 430 gm

It is a matter of great pleasure and honor for me to write Foreword for this book "Shalakyatantra" (ENT) Part II which deals with the diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat & Head, otherwise known as Urdhawanga Roga Chikitsa which is jointly written by talented authors, Prof. Dr. K. Nishteshwar, Prof. Dr. R. Vidyanath and Dr. Kurapati Vijaya Kumari. The authors are credited with number of English publications on various subjects of Ayurveda. And they belong to the tradition of great teachers and writers, who embarked upon this difficult but useful venture of writing student friendly books.

The present Book Shalakyatantra Part II is an excellent addition for English readers. This is the need of the hour, in the context of Global insurgence of interest towards Ayurveda and with changing scenario of Ayurveda colleges in the country in adapting English as medium of instructions. Though few books of Shalakyatantra in English are available, a book with good literary presentation with vivid description of the subject, tailor cut to the need of the changed curriculum and inquisitiveness of students community was long felt necessity. Thus the present book, serves to appropriately fit into the slot of good books. Such a work can come from only out of sincere efforts of a good teacher, who understands his students and the difficulties confronted by them in studying and apprehending the subject. This treatise provides the precise descriptions of important aspect of the subject of Shalakyatantra and related textual references with appropriate modern correlations high lighted aptly by colored illustrations, wherever, needed and spread over 7 chapters is noteworthy.

The chapter on usage of instruments and technology in diagnosis and therapeutic procedures particularly the Kriyakalpa and Sandhana Karma are appreciable I am confident that, this book will find favour not only with students community but also teachers and practitioners as well. It may not be out of place for me to appreciate the good will gesture of the authors shown towards late Dr. Sampath kumar Reddy, their former colleague and friend, in whose found memory this book is being dedicated, as a befitting tribute. It is a sentimental feeling for me too, since he happens to be my Beloved student and his inquisitiveness into the depth of the science has always inspired me in my contemplations as a teacher. It is true that only good students inspire the teacher and a good teacher is a product of studious students. Among the whole array of my students, Dr. Sampath standout as an extra ordinary person with his compulsive enthusiasm to impart, which he apprehended to new generation. His untimely death is of course, a shock to all of us.

I sincerely thank the authors for giving me an opportunity of writing foreword and introducing this book to the world of Ayurveda, I bless them to achieve still higher altitude in life by continuing their literary ventures in the field of Ayurveda. I recommend this book of Shalakyatantra Part II to the students and teachers of Ayurveda with confidence. I congratulate the team of young authors Dr. Nishteshwar, Dr. Vidyanath and Dr. Vijaya Kumari for their brilliant work and wish that many more such useful books in English may come out from their versatile pen.

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