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The Sangha Geeta

The Sangha Geeta
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Item Code: NAW918
Author: Swami Vedananda
Publisher: Bharat Sevashram Sangh
Language: English
Edition: 1997
Pages: 98 (1 B/W Illustration)
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
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"Whenever virtue declines and vice prevails, Incarnate myself from age to age to secure the virtuous and to destroy the sinners."

—Srimat Bhagawat Geeta

Prophets and spiritual masters are born from time to time with divine missions to guide the erring humanity ; but rare is the advent of the incarnations of the Supreme Himself as the Lord Srikrishna and the like, who appear with a universal mission and message.

The immortal message of Lord Srikrishna was codified in the Mahabharata by the great sage Vedavyasa after his demise. Lord Buddha's message was compiled by his followers long after his death. The gospel of Jesus the Christ was written by his disciples after his crucification.

Acharya Swami Pranavananda is such a universal nation-building prophet at the present age. His message is also universal and meant to guide the bewildered humanity in the path of security and peace. His message is being published in the name of "Sangha-Geeta" ; because the Acharya chose and used the name "Sangha-neta" (Leader of the Sangha) for his epithet and told his direct disciples that after the Buddha's Sangha (missionary organisation), founded some three-thousand and a half years ago, the "Sangha" (missionary organisation) was unknown in India ; and that his Sangha would be a second to that.

A glimpse into the life and nature of the Acharya will help us to comprehend the greatness of his divine personality. This spiritual Master is worshipped in Bengal as the incarnation of Lord Siva. The history behind it is that one Vishnucharan, a staunch devotee of Lord Siva, being entangled in series of dangers and difficulties, undertook to propitiate Siva by a year-long penance and meditation for whole night without food and sleep. Lord Siva, being moved to pity, vouchsafed to Vishnucharan a boon that he would incarnate himself as his son. After this, a son was born to him on an auspicious Maghi Purnima in 1896.

The divine boy Binode, as he was named, possessed by birth the nature of Siva, — always calm and quiet, having little care for food or play. The meditative nature grew deeper as the boy became older ; so much so that he could not properly attend his studies in school. At home also he would often pass whole night, unconscious of outside world, waking up only in the morning when some one knocked at the door.

Thus went on his deep meditation and severe "Brahmacharya Sadhana," till at last his diet became a few handful of cooked rice and a few boiled potatoes and sleep was reduced to an hour only. Later on, he totally left off sleep for long six years at a stress. At that time he would pass the whole day closetted in his room and the whole night on the altar of penance in the cremation ground in meditation and spiritual trance.

At last Lord Siva unfolded himself in full-fledged power and grandeur and the Almighty will then began to work through the superhuman personality of the Acharya in 1917. Here was the inception of the Sangha.

This book contains a brief sketch of life-building, Sangha-building and nation-building message of the Acharya. These messages were dictated by the Acharya himself on different occasions and taken down by some of his attendant disciples. It is beleived that people will surely benefit in individual and collective life by these divine words of inspiration.

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