Saptarishis Astrology (As Read in 96 Countries)

Saptarishis Astrology (As Read in 96 Countries)

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Author: C.S. Patel
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8170820944
Pages: 398 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
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Astrology, what an occult science, one spanning the ancient worlds of both the West and East and spreading from there to the entire modern world. And how little we know of it when it comes to astrology, we all need to visit the Astrological Library for serious study. “Astrological Library,” where is that? In no other place than India, for it is in India that untold millions of astrological Sutras and thousands of astrological techniques have been preserved. This vastness of knowledge was certain to have been found in the other ancient cultures who practiced astrology, but where did it go? No one knows for sure, but in India it somehow remained in greater quantity than elsewhere.

In the early to mid 1900s astrological knowledge from India began to move with ever increasing speed into the rest of the world where it was quickly embraced with many wow’s and awe’s as it touched the growing spirituality of the world. Vimshottari Dasa, rudimentary Shad Bala, basic ideas about Nakshatras and planetary Yogas were there to amaze many and these along with a few other ideas quickly came to be known as Vedic Astrology. Little did anyone know… for this was just the beginning of a world of techniques and principles that no one in their wildest dreams could ever have imagined. Just as scientists were breaking into the atom discovering untold worlds, astrologers were breaking into India to find untold words of astrological wisdom. But this was happening slowly, very slowly, until last year.

Last year, 2008, was the launch date of Saptarishi Astrology online astrological journal, which for the first time unveiled a fraction of India’s astrological knowledge to the entire world via the internet. Sure, there have been and are other astrological magazines that have revealed interesting principles of astrology, but these had small circulation in comparison to Saptarishi Astrology which was made available to anyone everywhere and that for free. Saptarishi Astrology have made the vastness of the Astrological Library of India available worldwide. Techniques illustrated with examples, what every student needs! Now we can study.

But to study these ancient techniques requires care and caution these are antiques. Would you jump into an antique chair without first testing it to see if it holds your weight? Then first find if the astrological technique will hold the weight of your knowledge. Try a technique on ten charts; does it work on at least six of the ten? If not, do you really understand the basic principles which the technique is using? Do you really understand the meanings of the planets, Rasis, Bhava? If yes, then double check that you are performing the technique correctly and pay attention to anything that you think can help you make better use of the technique, study the idea of the technique so that it makes sense to you. If you easily find the technique to work on six out of ten charts, try it on twenty, did it work on twelve of the twenty? If yes, it is good enough to know, practice it. Did it work perfectly on 14, 16 or even 18 of the twenty charts? So much the better, this technique supports your weight in knowledge. Do these tests for two reasons: to help you gain confidence in the technique. To help you learn to do the technique in a snap. This last is very important, you want to be able to do the technique automatically for it is only when you can snap out the technique that your intuition will latch onto that technique at the appropriate time and help you get 80% or even better results even with a technique that only tests out 60% of the time.

Don’t expect a technique to work 100% of the time, there is no such technique. God only reveals 75% of our lives astrologically, the remaining quarter of our fate lies hidden in His mind and will come to us as God’s will. There are, however, techniques that will beat 80%, that is a great and rare technique and you will want to keep those for life. But learn the ones that work only 60% of the time for you as well if that is the best technique you can find for a particular job.

Today, with this first volume in which is hoped to be just the first in many, the Saptarishi Astrology team has compiled their best articles into this book, and that I like. I like that because when it comes right down to it, books are always better than magazines or online offerings. There are two reasons for this: It has been demonstrated that the brain learns more effectively when we read from reflected light, such as off a page, than when we read from projected light, such as from a computer screen. Astrology is a hard study, books make it easier! Secondly, books cost money to produce, which means that only the best material will be found in books, whereas the internet is littered with an abundance of material, much of which is really not worth reading, and so finding the gems amongst the rubble is a chore. In this first Saptarishi Astrology book the finest gems from amongst the many gems to be found in the Saptarishi Astrology online journal have been selected for you. Articles such as “Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi 2”, for its unique timing methods; “Jupiter in Chara Rasis,” as one can always use another quick technique; “Medieval Astrology & US Elections,” for those charts with vague birth times; and “The Stock Market Crash of October 2008 & Beyond,” with such articles being very welcome in today’s economy are must reads for every astrologer.

I believe each person wants to do something that they can feel gratified in having done, something that given them a sense of peace. When we are young these things tend to be too many or too large for any one man to accomplish, but as one ages and the back aches…one becomes more realistic and can then find peace in a realistic human accomplishment. For the creator and scribe of Saptarishi Astrology I think one such accomplishment has been made and we can all be thankful for his efforts. Now we just need to do our part in learning the techniques that call to us and make use of them to better our lives and the lives of others, for that is ever the intention of Saptarishi Astrology online journal as it was of the Saptarishi of old.


Saptarishis Astrology is a new name in the print media & on the digital forums of internet, it has become well known in the last year. This free digital astrology magazine started in Feb 2008 with a handful of volunteer friends who only had deep desire to bring the real working astrology out in the open. Today this quarterly magazine is read in 96 countries. Though this can be termed as a record of records, there is still a lot to be desired. Our aim is to bring the village astrologer & his secret methods out in the international forum by converting his works into English and various other languages. Today, articles published in Saptarishis Astrology have been in French, Russian, Croatian, Spanish, Hindi & so on. It has become a moment of collective effort vs. singular effort and our beloved authors & translators can see the fruits of their labor in the short time of only 9 months since the launch of the magazine. We remain indebted to Sagar Publications for inspiring us to come out with a collection of the best articles in our magazine specializing in Predictive Part of Astrology. The proceeds of this book’s sale will go in sponsoring an old needy astrologer nominated by our readers.

The real secrets of Astrology are with the Yogis & Light workers of the East-West. It is not and will never be with the average astrologer of India. For Centuries the Yogis, especially the Bhrighus (descendants of Sage Bhrighu, Founder Father of Astrology) have kept it hidden, guarding those secrets to their heart. An average metropolitan Indian astrologer can never find these Bhrighus but some of us do stumble upon the yogis. In this lot, many are charlatans but there are genuine yogis too. Very rarely one finds them but when one does and if they open up, then their aphorisms (sutras) make us think for years as they do not speak straight, often coding their replies and wanting to make us decipher it with our own intelligence. For example, when a yogi is asked what is the real secret of astrology, many answers will come out. One such answer we received was.

‘Astrology has Nothing To do With Predictions’

Isn’t that the strangest of answers one can ever expect? One can use the choicest of adjectives to describe how ridiculous that answer is yet, if one really thinks, then maybe in this lifetime one might be able to decipher. It. We remember meeting one of the finest astrologers in the last century & discussing with him what the yogi said. Upon which the old astrologer said, ‘The Yogi has given you The Master Key to Astrology, and if you can decipher it, you will really lean the meaning of Astrology.’ The issue is in understanding the context in which the Yogi said this & what did he want to illuminate in us. Did he want this message to go to the road side astrologer of India or to those World Astrologers who are influential in effecting world consciousness of the future astrologers? Anyone in metaphysics knows that the energies have changed & in every sphere of human activity new consciousness is necessary. Additionally, the need of the hour is also for astrology since we, astrologers, tend to make our clients ‘Horoscope Reading Addicts’ as it helps us either gain money or gain attention.

The Horoscope reading that you get from various streams of astrology is different; on the one hand, western astrology is more personality oriented, giving guidance for improving oneself is various spheres of life. On the second hand, Indian Astrology which is nowadays called Vedic Astrology, is more even oriented and could be perceived as being very negative in its approach for an average European. But beyond these two broad spectrums of astrology is the astrology of the yogis – though most of them shun astrology as even astrology becomes an attachment for them whereas their goal in life is detachment. But still, let us give an example of the class of prediction of a Yogi. Construct mentally a chart where Gemini is the Ascendant, Moon in Leo (3H) & Sun its dispositor exalted in the II H of Aries with Mercury the Asc Lord & 4 L of mother/vehicles, take Dragons Head (Rahu) in 1 H in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Capricorn. The native of this chart consulted a Yogi with the problem that he has memory issues & is not having enough intelligence to learn the complex science of astrology. Upon which the Yogi said it is due to Mercury’s affliction & the remedy is to feed pigeons Mung Bean (Green Moong) everyday. The native said it is not possible as his parents are Christians and would not allow such remedies. The Yogi replied ‘Son (beta) this will happen after I yr in your 35th year of your life & when you would be doing this remedy, you would be standing outside your building but within the compound (angan) & both your parents would see you do it; all this will be with their consent and when you feed the pigeons, a dog will always come not allowing you to feed them & there would be a lot of vehicles around the place where you feed them’.

The native reported that this is ‘Exactly Word to Word’ how it happens every day for the last one year and that too with his parents consent. In fact, his mother daily tries to distract the attention of the dog by offering biscuits. Honestly speaking we do not know of any astrologer who would have been able to predict the way the Yogi predicted but if we look very deeply at the chart we can easily decipher (post-mortem) that he has only used basics of astrology to predict how the event will unfold. Astrology is nothing but signs, houses & planets, that’s it! When mastery over these is achieved, one can become a marvelous predictor. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake a newcomer commits in astrology is to run after higher techniques or the elusive one technique that will give him the master key. He either pays heavily to learn from teachers or serves his Guru for years thinking that he will get the master key but, incidentally, at the end of his life he realizes it was these basics only that were the Master Key thereby wasting his whole life in Astrology and not achieving the Nectar of Astrology.

Real Meaning of Astrology

In Europe & the rest of the world, Vedic Astrology has gained huge popularity for its fantastic event based astrology, the base of which is the theory of Karma of previous births prevalent in all eastern countries. But this event or personality based astrology is not astrology as per the hidden adepts & Masters of Astrology. The real purpose of Astrology is:

I) To Make Us Better Human Beings
2) To Realize Our True Potential

3) To Unlock a Chart To Achieve the Above

To address point I) we must look into some of the ancient manuscripts available in Indian Astrology which the average Indian astrologer ignores. These are called Nadis and were supposedly written many thousands of years back by the ancient sages. Indians have preserved only few of them. Our suggestion is to get a copy of Chandra Kala Nadi translated by R. Santhanam published by Sagar Publications. In Nadis, the prediction will be that your wife ditched you since in so and so previous birth, when you were born in so and so city, you promised to marry a woman and ditched her at the last minute whereby she cursed you. For that problem, do so and so remedy. Now though this looks fatalistic for a westerner who has not been brought up in a Karma oriented society, this is the very basis of Universe ‘Every Action has a reaction’. Today, not a single Indian Astrologer can predict the above as to why one event happened to us in our lives and what was the basis of that event in which lifetime. Imagine every time we go to an astrologer with our problems if he tells us the exact reasoning behind this life’s every event, won’t we really feel the pinch of the Karma of our Previous lives and would that not make us do good karma in this life? Though we Indian Astrologers love to say that our basis is the Karma Theory, we can’t predict the way our ancients were predicting but, in the same breath, we say our parampara (tradition) has saved astrology which fools the western & also pseudo metropolitan Indian astrologer. Why did the ancients predict about previous lifetimes? So that we realize the mistake that we made and understand the gravity of the suffering we are undergoing; this should thereby make us become compassionate human beings. This event prediction is just the outer layer of astrology, the ‘Decorative Apparel’ to attract one towards astrology. Hence the yogi said that Astrology has little to do with predictions as it has everything to do in changing us and making us become better human beings by showing us that maybe, somewhere in the past (lives), we were not good to someone and hence in order to avoid the current or future sufferings we need to become much better human beings.

The Points 2 & 3 needs to be addressed together. We often find that as youngsters many of us were not that brilliant or high achievers and suddenly, an event happens and we become high achievers in life. It is this event triggering that can be done by astrological remedies. What use is it to go to a doctor who will diagnose the disease but not prescribe the correct remedies; would we go to such a doctor? An astrologer in India is only approached for his remedies but it is here that the modern generation of astrologers who have faced 2% success in their remedies’ prescriptions fool the remaining 98% of their clients. We do not have the honesty to admit our failures. As one Master said, he would wait for the day famous astrologers publish a book containing only their failures in predictions and failures in remedial measures prescriptions.

This Book

Within this book is contained some of the rarest articles ever found on Predictive Astrology and some obscure concepts that have been hidden for centuries are presented here – more will follow. Western Astrology articles are also presented though less in number since we feel that astrology have no boundaries except mental. We can only say that so far, such a great collection of Masters in book format has never been seen before and for decades this would remain a fantastic collection of masters of predictive astrology. All articles are exceptional & some that would require re-reads & further research are ‘The CSP Arc’, ‘Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi’ a method of timing events without dasas or even transits, and articles of Mr. Ashok Upadhaya which have been written by ‘The Kid’. We are also proud to present the secret parampara of Dr. Paresh Desai who uses only Sarvatobhadra Chakra to make precise predictions without using dasas since the last so many decades, Jaimini Articles by the oldest Jaimini Scholar alive Shri. Iranganti Rangacharya & the Late Y. Krishna Rao who wrote his article for us after a gap of II years of not picking up a pen and died within an hour of finishing this article as if he was alive just for this article in spite of all the health problems he faced in his old age; then the article on the 19th verse of Varahamihira which is a new exposition and a complete system in timing events – only 2 examples are given on it and it has yet to be tested on many chats so, readers are requested to test it further.

In conclusion we would humbly request each reader to test each technique on minimum 25 charts before proceeding to the nest article as the difference between that we, Indians, read books just for the sake of it whereas westerners read a technique and test it vigorously on 20-25 charts before they read another article. In this way, they take a far more scholarly approach to our science than us. Why can’t we do the same?




i Foreword v
ii. Preface ix
I. The Un-Crowned King: C.S. Patel 1
  By: Student  
2 My Guru Dev 24
  By: Upendra Singh Bhadoriya, India  
3 The Amazing ‘CSP Arc’ 36
  By: R.G. Krishnan, USA  
4 Jupiter in Chara Rasis 56
  By: The Kid; Guru & Guide: Ashok Upadhyay  
5 19th Verse – An Experiment 68
  By: Saptarishis Astrology  
6 Mackenna’s Gold 84
  By: R.G. Krishnan, USA  
7 Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi - I 95
  By: Saptarishis Astrology  
8 Padma-Chakra Method-I 113
  By: Pramod Bhavasar, India  
9 Significators of the 10th House 119
  By: Ashok Upadhayay, India  
10 Maha Purusha Yoga Bhanga – An Attempt 124
  By: Subramanium Shastry, India  
11 The Art of Synthe-Sizing Different Systems 135
  By: Yeluripati Krishna Rao, India  
12 Vajra & Yava in the Light of Jaimini 147
  By: Iranganti Rangacharya, India  
13 IIth from Mars 155
  By: The Kid; Technique: Mr Ashok Upadhyay  
14 New Method Of Horoscope Matching 165
  By: M.P. Pathak  
15 Gripping of Planets by the Nodes 180
  By: Babubhai N. Yodh & B.D. Vaghela, India  
16 Horary Astrology 0 Be Your Own Oracle 189
  By: Ron Bippus, Canada  
17 The Real Drig Dasa 198
  By: Iranganti Rangacharya, India.  
18 Medieval Astrology & US Elections 205
  By: DiNorah Kitchener, Canada  
19 Hora Lagna & Death 219
  By: Saptarishis Astrology  
20 Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi - 2 223
  By: Saptarishis Astrology  
21 Observation On Livelihood 244
  By: Nandakishor Shrikrishna Jakatdar, India  
22 Blasts in India - I 251
  By: V.C. Deo, India  
23 Cosmic Canine The Dog’s Tale 269
  By: Tricia, U.K.  
24 The Stock Market Crash of October 2008 & Beyond 288
  By: Robert Gover, USA.  
25 Simplifying Dasas 303
  By: Dr. Sukhdev Chaturvedi, India  
26 Chalit Charts – A Must 315
  By: Dr. Paresh Ravindra Desai  
27 Suryaat Nakshatra Bindu – Part I 328
  By: Dr. Paresh Ravindra Desai  
28 Meaning of Suryaat Nakshatra Bindus – Part 2 336
  By: Dr. Paresh Desai, India  
29 3rd from Dragons Head 358
  By: The Kid  
30 Predict Gold Price 367
  By: Constantine Semenov, Crimea  

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