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Saturn the Celestial Purifier

Saturn the Celestial Purifier
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Item Code: IDK946
Author: Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788129114129
Pages: 147
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.8” X 5.2”

Darkness has to flee away as light approaches because its very existence is threatened. This caused darkness much anguish and it pleaded to God the almighty to tell the Sun, the source of light, not to have any enmity with it. The sun was summoned and asked so. On hearing this, the Sun said that how could he have enmity with Darkness, as he had never seen it? It is not possible to develop enmity unless you know the person.

This is a crucial argument and needs to be understood. It is the Sun’s nature to spread light, in the form of life, newness and awareness. Whereas the darkness of ignorance is present to engulf and purify the wayward children of God, in the long process of evolution, with the only aim that one-day they will shun their ignorance and bathe in the wisdom of the Sun.

The two, light and darkness, and diametrically opposite to each other’s nature, but none is better or worse as the aim is the same.

It is a design of the divine illusion called maya that a thing or a being has many aspects or roops. A person may seem cruel to some, but at heart that person may be harmless. A father may be portrayed as a firm parent for his child, for the betterment of the child, but otherwise the same father is very considerate and friendly, always thinking about the betterment of the child.

It is not right to label anything as permanently bad or cruel. Our scriptures and holy books always advise us to look for the positive characteristics of any person and not focus on the negative ones, because every one of us has a mixture of good as well as bad. Also, it is a fact that nothing, which is cent per cent good, can ever exist in this imperfect world. Even the great awataras (divine incarnations) of God, have to have some negative traits in their characters in order to be able to live in this world.

Then why do we label a planet like Saturn as only bad and inauspicious?

We need to understand the duality principle, which exists because a coin cannot have just one side; there will always be two sides of a coin. One extreme cannot exist without the other. Can there be good ad only good? How will we judge the good if we do not have the bad too? Two extremes only give us a realistic scale to measure any one quality or characteristic.

Although in general Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet, yet experience has shown that it has given success and prosperity to many.

Fear is a very bad thing indeed. Most people suffer due to their unfounded fears than the actual happenings. Most of our fears never materialize in life. But fear can spoil the chemistry of our body and cause many problems at the physical as well as mental level. Fear develops due to ignorance and lack of understanding. Through this humble book, it is my endeavour to help you understand the planet Saturn so that all unfounded fear and horror about this planet is removed forever.

There are certain finer things in life which every one of us needs to understand. We know that shadow exists, but is a shadow a negative thing? Can a shadow exist without light? Sun is the source of light and Saturn is the opposite, born out of the Sun. both are the opposite sides of a coin. The enmity about which we talk in astrology between the Sun the father and Saturn the son is in fact the complete opposition in their basic nature. If there were no darkness then what would be the importance of light?

It is with this urge to portray the benevolent Saturn in the right perspective that I am inspired to present this humble book to my readers. I have used the word ‘benevolent’ because I do believe that the planet Saturn desires at heart to do us good and take away our darkness of ignorance through our good and bad experiences in life.

I only hope that my readers will appreciate my humble effort.

Back of the Book

One cannot call a judge of a court of justice cruel when he punishes the criminal. The same judge also passes judgements in favour of deserving and righteous persons. In the same way, Saturn cannot be labeled as a malefic planet only as there are many real life examples of people achieving great success during the period of Saturn.

In this book, the author presents a balanced picture of the generally misunderstood planet Saturn. It is natural to fear something which someone has limited knowledge of. An indepth study of this planet is bound to make one fully understand the different aspects of Saturn and also to free one from unwarranted prejudice.

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is a world famous astrologer and regularly appears on TV shows across the world. He is also a bestselling author and columnist. He presents the daily forecast as well as birthday thoughts in the leading national daily, the Hindustan Times. He also predicts the daily forecast in other national and international newspapers such as New India and Excel (in USA).


Oh lord Saturn! The mysterious one,
Thy mother is the shadow and thy father is the Sun,
You are considered, only malefic, by some
Others know you as the benevolent one.

God gave you the task to purify one,
Through all types of experiences under the Sun.
Bless us and remove our shackles one by one.

The need is to know Saturn in the right perspective. We tend to label a thing good or bad only as per our own limited experiences in life. Success or failure in life is not the result of just one factor; and is always the outcome of a number of factors.

There are so many popular legends and stories about the planet Saturn. Stories are generally conveyed by word of mouth and over a long period of time, the real message behind the words or the ‘soul’ of the message is lost and only the fragile skeletal structure remains, which does not convey the original message. This is how we lose contact with the truth and form wrong beliefs.

There is a story which relates the cruelty of Saturn’s aspect (drishti). I believe that it conveys a hidden meaning, which we all must follow and I will narrate the story to show this. Parvati observed that all divine beings (devtas) were living in great splendour whereas Lord Shiva and she did not even have a place to live. She asked Shiva to build a palace so that they could live in comfort. Shiva tried his best to convince Parvati that since they were enjoying a simple life, there was no need to have a luxurious house. He also advised her not to compare themselves with others since everyone had his or her own choice. But Parvati still insisted so Shiva got a palatial house built for them to live. For the ceremony to enter the new house (Grehaparvesh), all the devtas were invited. They all praised the splendour and beauty of the new house but Lord Brahma remained silent. Lord Brahma then hesitatingly revealed that he could forsee the cruel aspect (drishti) of Saturn on their new house, and told them that they should act wisely.

Parvati was concerned and asked Shiva to go to Saturn and quest him to lift his aspect. Then Parvati added that if Saturn agreed then it was okay, but if he did not then Shiva should give her an indication by beating his drum (dumroo), In that event, before Saturn did anything cruel, she would herself burn the house.

Shiva reached the abode of Saturn and expressed his desire. Saturn immediately agreed. Then Shiva asked Saturn what Shiva could give as a reward. Saturn desired that Shiva give him the pleasure of watching his dance of destruction (tandava nritya), Shiva immediately agreed and started playing his dumroo. Parvati heard the sound of the dumroo and thought that Saturn had not agreed, so she immediately set her new house on fire.

Parvati was about to curse Saturn, but Shiva arrived and explained that what had happened was not because of Saturn but rather due to Shiva’s own carelessness, he having forgotten not to beat the drum.

One way of concluding the moral of this story is that no one can avoid the results of the cruel aspect of Saturn and this is how generally people interpret it. But I believe the story conveys an even deeper meaning, that man himself through his thoughtless actions attracts all unfavourable conditions in life, whereas unfortunately the blame goes to the planets.

There are fifteen chapters in this book. The first chapter details some astronomical data about the planet Saturn. Chapter two contains some legendary stories popular about this planet and its working.

Various astrological facts about Saturn are described in the third chapter; knowledge of these will help in proper delineation of the charts. The next chapter tackles the age-old question about whether Saturn is a friend or foe?

The fifth and sixth chapters describe the role of Saturn in different signs and houses respectively. Saturn’s conjunctions with other planets and the results to be expected are discussed in the seventh chapter. Constellations play an important role in predictive astrology. The three constellations governed by Saturn are fully described in chapter eight.

Planetary periods of Saturn are discussed in the ninth chapter. Information about the transit of planets greatly modifies the results to be expected during a dasha, therefore the transit of Saturn is discussed in chapter ten.

The special transits of Saturn called dhaiya and sade saati are quite important and these are explained in chapter eleven.

Some yogas involving the planet Saturn are described in the chapter twelve. The role of Ashtakvarga is also not to be ignored in the predictive astrology. Chapter thirteen deals with the Ashtakvarga of Saturn.

Chapter fourteen will explain how Saturn play a crucial role in the chart of a person. Some charts of famous as well as not so famous persons are discussed, mainly highlighting the role of Saturn.

Remedial measures are very important because they are very potent tools to circumvent the ill-effects of planets. Chapter fifteen describes, in detail, some remedial measures for the planet Saturn, and these will definitely give a ray of hope to those under the ill effects of this planet or those seeking to boost the positive energy of Saturn.


Preface ix
1 Astronomical Data on Saturn1
2 Saturn in Mythology4
3 Salient Astrological Features8
4 Saturn-Friend or Eoe?18
5 Saturn in Different Signs21
6 Saturn in Different Houses26
7 Saturn’s Conjunctions with other Planets31
8 Constellations of Saturn37
9 Dasha and Antardasha of Saturn43
10 Transits of Saturn49
11 Special Transits of Saturn (Dhaiya & Sade Saati)54
12 Some Yogas Involving Saturn84
13 Ashtakvarga and Saturn90
14 Role of Saturn in Some Charts95
15 Propitiation of Saturn119

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