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Science Of Divine Lights: A Latest Research on Self and God-Realization by the Medium of 154 Divine Lights

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Author: Swami Yogeshwaranand Parmahans
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 987819264013
Pages: 262 (Color Illus: 6)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.6" X 6.2"
Weight 580 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business

About the Book:

Sixth in the series of authentic books on ancient higher yoga by one of the greatest yogis of the 20th century. The unique feature and importance of his works lies in the fact that these are not based merely on a through study and complete understanding of the ancient scriptures but more on the knowledge gained directly during his long samadhis which culminated in his realization of soul and god. He has given the subject a place in the scientific world, which is far above any other branch of modern science. At the age of 99 he had been continuing to impart in his ashrams, the invaluable knowledge gained by him to keen aspirants of all faiths from many countries.

This book describes in complete detail about 154 types of divine light in the body which the advances aspirant experiences, and explains how he can realize his soul and god through this medium. The practitioners of yogic meditation used to have much confusion about the different divine lights, which they experienced, in the region of the heart. By carrying out constant research on the divine lights in his samadhis and meditation for many many years the author has perceived and described the same in his peculiar brilliant, subtle way which is unique. This has made the realization of self and God easy for the aspirants. Microcosmic divine lights have been described in the gross, subtle and casual bodies. Macrocosmic divine lights have been described in the Mahakaran body depicting its relationship with the soul and God.

The ultimate aim of all religious of the world is the realization of soul and God. A study of the books written by Shree Hogeshwaranand on the subject of Yoga at once convinces the aspirant about the practical way he can follow to achieve his life's goal. For those who refuse to accept anything in life without a scientific proof, a study of Swami books on the realization of soul and God may well prove to be what they need, because of the scientific manner in which the subject has been dealt with.

A treatise on higher yoga and individual manual for the advanced aspirants and those engaged in research and study of higher yoga. Some day when the top scientists of the world pay the attention it deserve to this subtlest of subtle sciences, his books will give all the basic material for their research and cause a stir in the world of science. At present the book are helping keen aspirants everywhere, to achieve their ultimate goal of realizing soul and God.

About the Author:

He has formerly known as Brahmachari Vyas Dev ji, left his home at a tender age of fourteen in search of knowledge and self-realisation. The young Brahmachari spent the early years of his life in the study of Sanskrit and mastering the scriptural lore. Then he followed the path of ancient rishis of the Himalayas and practiced the most difficult tapasya and yogic Sandhana. While continuing the search of real guru who could lead him to the final goal. He come across a number of ascetics about whom one reads only in the scriptures but his search came to and end only when the met Avadhoot swami Atmanand ji, who had then returned from Tibet.

By Constant and dedicated practice of meditation he experienced various type of Samadhis some of them lasting for several weeks which culminated in his gaining knowledge of self-realisation, origin and dissolution of cosmos and the goal of human existence. The esoteric knowledge which used to pass from guru to disciple through personal relationship and which sometimes required not only a whole lifetime but several lives, has now been set down at the behest of his guru in his books.


CHAPTER 1 Divine Lights of the Physical Body 1-63
CHAPTER 2 Divine Lights of the Astral Body 65-176
CHAPTER 3 Seven Types of Divine Lights of the Causal Body 177-207
CHAPTER 4 Twelve Divine Lights of Macrocosmic Divine World 209-259
  Glossary 261-262


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