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Item Code: NAL613
Author: Swami Ishwarananda
Publisher: Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788175972780
Pages: 39
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 50 gms
About the Book

The inspiration for this book was from a camp on meditation conducted by the author. The lucid style with which the ideas presented in this book are fit for daily practice. The articles may appear independent, yet on a closer look one can recognize the underlying link between the articles which supports the title of the book.

This book deals with questions like-

How to slow down in busy life?

How to overcome negative thoughts?

How to dissolve fear?

How to rise above thoughts?

How to develop a spiritual relationship?

How to discover inner poise?

How to meditate?

About the Author

The author Swami Ishwarananda is a disciple of swami Chinmayananda. He graduated from Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai in 1993 and he has been serving the Chinmaya Mission centres in India and abroad. He has taught 2 year Vedanta course for a batch of 43 students. His earlier book Conscious Living had captured the attention of youth and adult alike. The author’s emphasis in this book echoes Lord Sri Krishna’s teaching in Bhagavad-Gita: ’The restless mind can be conquered by practice and dispassion’.

Publishers’ Note

This is an inspiration from the meditation camp at Lonavala conducted by author. Swami Ishwarananda, Acharya of Sandeepany Sadhanalaya , Powai, Mumbai. The ideas presented are valid, lucid and practical. Since these are suitable for daily practiced, we are prompted to bring them in this book from for the benefit of all seekers.

We appreciate the assistance in various forms from Mrs. Shanthi Rajan, Mrs. Vinita Asrani, Ms. Pushpa Adhyaru, Dr. Madhuriben Seth, who have helped in the above programme and also in transcribing the talks.

We hope this book will be a simple guide to the seekers in their pursuits for peace and happiness.


Art of Slowing Down 1
Practice 1: Create No Opinion About What you Perceive 1
Practice 2: Create Space 2
Practice 3: Let Others Have Their Opinions 3
Practice 4: Choose Your thoughts 4
Rising above Negative Thoughts 5
Practice 1: Delay Your Negative Reactions 5
Practice 2: Build Relationships Withouts Expections 6
Practice 3: Avoid Publicizing Your Negative Attitudes 7
Practice 4: Do Not Think About What's Wrong with Others? 7
Practice 5: Remember, Negative Thoughts Tighten The Rope 8
Dissolving Fear 9
Practice 1: know That Self Is Free 9
Practice 2: Know About Death 10
Practice 3: Even This will Pass Away 10
Practice 4: do Not Seek Security In Transitory Things 11
Practice 5: Replace Loneliness With Aloness 11
Rising above Thoughts 13
Practice 1: Aviod Compulsive Thinking 13
Practice 2: Recognize The Source Of Thoughts 14
Practice 3: Mindfulness 15
Spiritual Relationship 17
Practice 1: Allow other to Participate In Your Life 18
Practice 2: Treat Other The Way You Want to Be Treated 18
Practice 3: Spend Time for Your Children 19
Practice 4: Love Humbles Ego 20
Discovery of Inner Poise 21
Practice 1: Do Not Be Serious In The Role You Play 21
Practice 2: Let Go the Past 22
Practice 3: Be Nobody 23
Power of Silence 25
Practice 1: Discover Silence In You 25
Practice 2: Silence Within, space Without 26
Diving Deep Into Yourself 27
Practice 1: Learn To Say 'No' To Habits 27
Practice 2: Learn to Say 'Yes' To Medition 28
Practice 3: Shift Your Attention 29

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