Some Aspects of The Studies of Dharma Sastra
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Some Aspects of The Studies of Dharma Sastra

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Item Code: NAO592
Author: Dr. S. G. Moghe
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8180900193
Pages: 231
Cover: Hardcover
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23 years in business
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About the Book

The book entitled 'Some Aspects of the Studies of Dharrna-Sastra' is a collection of 21 papers of the author, Here some papers are based on the Mahabharata. Some other papers evaluate the Smrti work and the digest work. Two papers in this bunch take the survey of the work done in the field of Dharma- Sastra.

Three papers in this bunch determine the nature of the contribution of the modern scholars like Mandalik, Gharpure and Gode. Three papers of this lot deal with the Modern Law and Hindu Law and Kane's views on Hindu Code Bill and his method of Restoration, so effective and guiding for future scholars.

Other five papers deal with the topics of Theft, Holidays, Importance of the association with the aged persons, and right and justice in ancient India. The Gita and Dharma-Sastra this is a paper of interdisciplinary nature. Two papers indicate a note on the papers of other scholar and the review of their work. Two special papers are written to show the contribution of Maharashtra to Dharma- Sastra on the basis of the Descriptive Catalogues of the Manuscripts.

In short, this book reveals various aspects of Research and will be enlightening and instructive to the workers in the field.


About the Author

Dr. S.G. Moghe is an eminent scholar of Dharma-Sastra and Purva-Mimamsa and got his Ph.D. Degree in Sanskrit on the thesis Mimamsa in the Bhagwanta Bhaskara of Nilakantha, in the year 1967 under the able guidance of the late Prof. H. D. Velankar, the first R.G. Bhandarkar Professor of Sanskrit of the University of Bombay.

Dr. Moghe served Govt. College of Maharashtra and retired as the reader in Sanskrit in July 1994. He successfully guided six students for the Ph.D. Degree of the University of Bombay and Marathwada University. He was also Professo-in-Charge of Sanskrit Dept. of Marathwada University. He was honoured as a distinguished Sanskrit Scholar by the Government of Maharashtra on 3rd August 1993. He was also awarded the prestigious Springer Research Scholarship of the University of Bombay, for 1981,82 and 83 to work on Purva-Mimamsa and Alamkara-Sastra.

The following research publications are to his credit:

(1) Studies in the Purva-Mimamsa, (2) The Vyaghra Smrti-Critically edited, (3) Santa-Aramah (A Collection of 45 papers in Sanskrit), (4) Studies in Dharma-Sastra (A Collection of 35 research papers), (5) Prof. Velankar and Vedic Interpretation, (6) Hari- tosanam (A Collection of fifteen papers in Sanskrit), (7) Academic Biography of Prof. Velankar, (8) A Peep atIndology, (9) The Sraddha Sagara of Kullukabhatta - Cr. edited, (10) Prof. Kane's Contribution to Dharrna-Sastra Literature, (11) Studies in the Applied Purva-Mimamsa, (12) History of Dharma-Sastra. In Essence, (13) The Fifth Mandala of the Rg- Veda with Translationand Notes by Prof. H.D. Velankar, Edited by S.G. Moghe.



It is a matter of pleasure to me to present my book 'some aspects of the studies of Dharma-Sastra' to the sincere lovers of Dharma-Sastra.

In this book, I have included the papers already published in the research journals and the papers sent for the felicitation volumes of scholars like Dr. Satya Vrata Sastri, Dr. M.D. Paradkar and others.

In this book, am attempt is also made to evluate the works of the modern scholars like Gode, Mandalik and Gharpure. It may by, incidentally noted here, that these papers will form the part of my lengthy article on 'Contribution of Dharrna-Sastra to Indian Culture.

Two special papers are also written on the basis of the Descriptive catalogues of a the Sanskrit Manuscripts for showing the contribution of Maharashatra authors to the domain of Dharma-Sastra.

Two papers in this bunch take the survey of the research work done in the twentieth century A.D. Some papers deal with the interesting topics of Holidays, theft and the importance of association with the aged persons. In other two papers, I have included my note on the article of a scholar and also review on the Dharma-Sastra Smrti.

I only hope that this variety of articles will surely interest the lovers of Dharma-Sastra and also will be of some use to the young scholars of Dharma-Sastra.

I take this opportunity to thank my publisher Shri. C.P. Gautam, for Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, Delhi-35 for the good printing and excellent get up of the work and also his keen interest in my work.




  Preface ix
I The Vyaghrasmrti 1-7
II Kasinatha Upadhyaya 8-15
III The Views of the Dharmavid in the Mahabharata as the Source of Dharma 16-21
IV theft in Ancient India 22-40
V Holidays (Anadhyayas) in Ancient Educational System 41-50
VI Importance of Vrddha-Samyoga 51-59
VII The Bhagavad-Gita and Dharma-Sastra 60-67
VIII Raght and Justice in ancient India (With Preference to Dharma-Sastra and Classical Sanskrit Literature) 68-80
IX More Than Three Decades of Dharma-Sastra Studies 81-112
X The Progress of the Studies of Dharma-Sastra (In the 20th century in India and Abroad) 113-133
XI MM. Dr. Kane and Restoration 134-142
XII Dr. Kane's views on Hindu Code Bill 143-151
XIII Medieval Hindu Law and Modern Law A Comparison 152-166
XIV Dr. P.K. Gode's Contribution to Dharma-Sastra 167-176
XV Contribution of V.N. Mandalik to Dharma-Sastra 177-181
XVI Principal JR Gharpure's Contribution to the Domain of Dharma Sastra 182-192
XVII A Note on Vipra 193-198
XVIII Contribution of Maharashtra to Dharma-Sastra-I 199-203
XIX Contribution of Maharashtra to Dharma-Sastra-II 204-207
XX A Note on Usha Jain's Article: The Custom of Biting Grass in Retospect 208-209
XXI Devala Smrti Reconstruction and a Crtical Study 216-219
XXII Author/Book Index 216-219
XXIII Topical Index 220-222


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