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Spiritual Gita (Vol-III)

Spiritual Gita (Vol-III)
Item Code: NAX377
Author: Shyamacharan Lahiri
Publisher: Sundeep Agarwala
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Pages: 608
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch

Nevethless I would like to mention the name of dear Krishna who made me aware of what I was aiming at. In the beginning only he said it’s a Herculean task and although he did not question my capabilities still his face was a question mark. By the grace of Guru I did not get discouraged and of course it was not meant to do so either rather it became sort of a challenge but I depended totally on the lord. The task was commenced by his order and is (for now) completed by his blessings. This I am saying not due to humbleness alone but by me experiences off and on during the span of nearly two and a half years that have been the most dedicated devoted and blessed part of my life that was used in the service of the Lord. For it I can only say in the words of Meera Karai Karavai Aap hi nam na Pano leyai.

Although he does everything yet he does not say so. The reader of this book is sure to get irritated by repetition of some words like Kriya Pranyam, pran, Paravastha etc. yet it should not be taken as a flaw of language but a necessity for drilling in our minds the most confidential spiritual knowledge which is given to us by the Yogesvar Lord Krishan and explained for our benefit by the great spiritual gurus yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya and Yogi Guru Sanyal Mahasaya.

Any translation cannot compete with the original due to disparity of language thought sentiment and tradition etc. yet other shortcomings herein can be attributed to my little knowledge and yet others may be due to mistakes in printing etc. the patrons of Gita will kindly excuse these drawbacks.

Still it is well said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This pudding anyway will have to be cooked by the self for the actual experience of it. The recipie has been explained herein as far as possible in writing but the practical part has to be known from the spiritual master or the guru and practiced by the self. The smell and taste of this pudding will enchant the mind please the sight and satisfy the self totally and eternally.

May the Lord bless encourage and help us to nurture the tree of spirituality which will give us the divine fruit of our nutritive acts.

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