Spiritual Liberty - The Sufi Message (Vol- V)
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Spiritual Liberty - The Sufi Message (Vol- V)

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Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788120806092
Pages: 272
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About the Book

This is a book on love, integrating the human aspects of it with its divine essence. Spiritual liberty is a prerequisite for this integration. It refers to a state where one is no longer dependent on outer circumstances and on the fancies of one's mind.

Therefore, it is also a book on the spiritual path which leads man from imperfection to perfection, from self- consciousness to ever-flowing sympathy. It is the path of the unfoldment of the soul. The soul is the lightning spark of the Divine Sun within us. It is the most original part of our being, which will be the only part lasting forever, ultimately unified in its divine origin. Thus it is a book on birth and death also, on life here and in the hereafter, on reincarnation and spiritism.

All these items are treated from both the philosophical and the psychological- points of view, and integrated by the mystical perspective


"Beloved ones of God, you may belong to any race, caste, creed, or nation; still you are impartially beloved by God" (p. 11). This book is on our divine heritage, the light of the soul, a spark of the Divine Light. The soul longs for freedom. Therefore Hazrat Inayat Khan has termed the Sufi Message the message of spiritual liberty. This refers to the state where one is no longer dependent on outer circumstances and on the fancies of one's mind for inner peace and happiness. Liberty is reached through discipline. Discipline is gained through love and sympathy for both the goal and the way.

This book presents a number of texts on this subject matter. In 1910 Hazrar Inayat Khan set forth from his native India to the West, where he was to bring his Sufi message. In the first four years he travelled extensively in the United States and Europe, and at the outbreak of the First World War he settled down temporarily in London, where he gathered around him a group of pupils to whom he started to teach the fundamentals of Sufi thoughts and ideas. A part of those teachings which were suited for wider distribution were collected in the books contained in this volume, the fifth of the series now in course of publication

A Sufi Message for spiritual Liberty is the first of these. It appeared in 1914, in 1918 followed by Aqibat, Life after Death. The other books of this Volume, Love Human and Divine, Pearls form Ocean Unseen, and The Phenomenon of the soul were published in 1919. Metaphysics is also an early set of teaching; its first publication however, was deferred to until 1939

The part on Spiritual Liberty is a wonderfully concise presentation of the Sufi way, with a stress on enlightened philosophy, which in Pearls is Supplemented by the psychological side of it, all permeated by the inspired mysticism of the Murshid.

Aqibat and The Phenomenon cover the item of death and life hereafter in chapters like Death. The day of Judgment, Heaven and hell Manifestation, The world of the angels, Heredity and Reincarnation.

Besides, it touches spiritism in obsession, Haunted places, and Spiritualism. Metaphysics supplements this part of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s philosophy by offering views on the relationship with our life on earth, and the soul’s relation to one’s body and mind ending with a wonderful chapter on the radiance of the soul.

Love Human and Divine teach the essential morals of love, not in terms of do’s and don’ts, but of the wonderful essence of it: to forget the self absorbed as one is in the beauty of the self. It is illustrated by some ancient stories on the subject.

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