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Spiritual Stories of India

Spiritual Stories of India
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Item Code: IDD953
Author: Compiled and Edited By. Chaman Lal
Publisher: Publications Division, Government of India
Language: English
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8123010621
Pages: 110 (Line Drawings: 22)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
weight of book 144 gms
About The Book:

This is a collection of stories presented with charming simplicity by Bhikshu Chaman Lal-an author, lecturer, world traveler and a missionary of peace. The stories presented in this book are full of wisdom. They tell us what we can learn from nature and what tolerance and love can bring to humanity. Every story imparts certain useful lesson and invests every reader with indomitable courage.


Ernest, Rhys in his introduction to the Fables, Aesop and Others justly remarks “We have to admit that the best fables did I not begin with Aesop or in Greece at all. We have, in fact, to go East and look into India and burrow in the 'tales within tales’ of Hitopadesa to get an idea how old the antiquity of the fables actually is."

When God made the world, He gave many virtues to different nations. To India He gave wisdom as a special gift. The Upanishads are India's books of wisdom. The stories presented in a this book are full of wisdom. They illustrate what miracles can be — wrought with faith in God. They tell us what we can team from nature, what tolerance and love can bring to humanity. Every I story is full of lessons. In these days of fear and atomic madness stories of faith in God would invest every reader with; indomitable courage.

I had originally collected and translated some of these stories for my own guidance, since a monk is one who tries to improve a himself. I claim no credit: I have a simply performed the task of at bee that collects honey from fragrant flowers.

I shall be happy if this publication can help even a few thousand young, people to learn some lessons in wisdom to become God-fearing ideal citizens of the world.

I deem it my duty to thank there distinguished authors or publishers whose stories I have included in this collection. I am specially thankful for the permission to reproduce stories translated from the Bhagavata by Swami Prabhavananda of Vedanta Society of Southern California.



1. Glory of Truth   1
2. The Ordeal Of Sita   6
3. Faith, Devotion and Resignation   14
4. Teachers In Ancient India   16
5. The Legend Of Prahlada   19
6. The Ascent Of Dhruva   28
7. The Birth Of Krishna   35
8. The Story Of The Dwarf   39
9. God Never Fails   44
10. Who Is High Or Low?   47
11. The Disbeliever   50
12. A Lesson From The Buddha   53
13. Satyakama The Truthful   57
14. Each In His Place Is Great   61
15. Deyayani And Kacha   64
16. Yayati   70
17. The Story of Chitraketu   74
18. Forgiveness   79
19. The Enchanted Pool   82
20. The Story Of Shibi Rana   90
21. The Rabbit In The Moon   94


  (1) Parvati's Compassion
(2) A Mother's Heart
(3) A Companion In Joy and Sorrow
(4) Test of Even-Mindedness
22. The Baby White Elephant   105


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