Sri Ramakrishna in Today’s Violent World (Discussing The Message of Sri Ramakrishna in the Context of overcoming Violence and Hostility)

Sri Ramakrishna in Today’s Violent World (Discussing The Message of Sri Ramakrishna in the Context of overcoming Violence and Hostility)

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This is the message of Sri Ramakrishna to the modern world, ‘Do not care for doctrines, do not care for dogmas, or sects, or churches or temples; they count for little compared with the essence of existence in each man, which is spirituality; and the more that is developed in a man, the more powerful is he for good. Earn that first, acquire that, and criticise no one, for all doctrines and creeds have some good in them. Show by your lives that religion does not mean words, or names, or sects, but that it means spiritual realisation.

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We live in an age of violence. Though violence has been a scar on the human consciousness from time immemorial, never has it assumed such scale, shape and dimensions as in this age. Violence cannot be checked by merely providing arms to sell-defence groups, making stringent laws and holding peace meets. While all these measures have a limited role to play, what is needed is a new and better perspective wherein humanity’s spiritual needs are met and nourished. It is only when a man is spiritually impoverished and is cut off from the Source of his being—which is full of peace, love and joy—that he becomes violent and cruel. In a relative perspective, to advocate non-violence means to spread the message of spiritual growth and strong personal character.

Sri Ramakrishna has a special role to play in this context. He dealt with the issue of violence by living a spiritually vibrant life. His life, though led in the calm precincts of Dakshineshwar Kali Temple near Calcutta, transformed the social and cultural landscape of 19th century India. And he continues to inspire and transform people all Dyer the world. Having practised the spiritual disciplines laid down in major world religions, he himself became living example of the spiritual unity of mankind and of Godhood. How much remains to be learnt from his extraordinary life by the numerous warring sects and religions of the world! How much keenly is the gentle light of hi life and message needed to day more than ever before!

In December 2004 The Vedanta Kesari is spiritual and cultural monthly of the Ramakrishna Order published from Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai brought out a special issue on Sri Ramakrishna’s relevance in today’s violent world. The articles that originally appeared in this issue are now being made available in a book from.

We hope this volume will help to understand the role of Sri Ramakrishna in preventing and curing humanity of the disease of violence.


1The Ultimate Antidote1
2Sri Ramakrishna’s Uniqueness12
3Dharma-sthápaka Sri Ramakrishna15
4Love, and Conquer27
5Sri Ramakrishna and His Message33
6Sri Ramakrishna and Today’s World of Conflicting Ideals41
7The Gentle Radiance of a Luminous Lamp54
8Religious Harmony and Disharmony67
9Psychology of Violence76
10Quest for God in a Contemporary World88
11Sri Ramakrishna: The Embodiment of Universal Religion96
12Sri Ramakrishna’s Message of Peace to a Strife-tom World112
13The Role of Devotees in Promoting Non-Violence123
14Anger and Hatred: Psycho-spiritual Dimensions132
15Violence Among Youth140
16Teachers’ Role in Imparting Education for Love, Non-Violence and Peace152
17Peace, Media and Paramahamsa160
18Agenda for World Peace: Lessons from Sri Ramakrishna166
19Sri Ramakrishna’s Message of Love & Harmony176
Sources and Contributors202
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