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Sri Vaishnava Festivals and Auspicious Days (Significance & Procedures)

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Item Code: UBC929
Author: M.A. Goda
Publisher: Samskriti Foundation, Mysore
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788190878425
Pages: 410 (Throughout B/w Illustrations)
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 450 gm

Book Description

About the Book
One of the unique features of our heritage and tradition is the celebration of festivals and auspicious days. All Indians irrespective of caste, creed, age or sex celebrate these festivals with great fervour. The procedures followed by Srivaishnavas in celebrating these festivals are unique in many aspects. The main aim of this book is to throw more light about this uniqueness. Details about the different delicious dishes (along with the recipes and method of preparation) to be offered to the Lord as part of these festivals is also given here. The different songs to be sung at these times are also given. This book is thus a unique compendium. The efforts of the author would be successful if the masses utilize the information given in this book and attain fulfillment.

About the Author
Born in a family of poet-scholars, Smt. M.A.Goda had a flair for composing poetry right from her childhood. Having graduated with top honors in Sanskrit and Pali-Prakrit, she also informally studied Sanskrit literature and Visistadwaita philosophy. Being particularly interested in acquiring more knowledge about traditional Indian values from her elders as well as traditional Indian works, she has been successful in imbibing them and also disseminating the same. This book is a culmination of her extensive research and experience of many decades in the present topic. It is hoped that many more such books will flow from her pen and help the masses in celebrating the festivals and auspicious days as per the procedures laid down.

The world in which we live has been created out of the pañcabhūtas (the five elements) namely earth, fire, water, air, and space (sky or ether). Hence, this world is called pancabhautika prapanca - the universe that is made up of the five elements. The root cause of the pañcabhūtas is prakrti (nature or unmanifest primordial material energy) which is endowed with the three gunas (primary qualities or attributes). Thus, prakrti possesses a combination of the gunas sattva (pure, causing light and happiness, and free from disease), rajas (constant activity, passion, thirst and attachment) and tamas (inertia, false knowledge, negligence and inactivity). In this material universe, all living beings possess bodies that are made up of the pañcabhūtas. Therefore the gunas, which are the attributes of the fundamental material world, also exist in the body of every living being. Consequently, man, whose body is made out of the pañcabhūtas is also endowed with these three gunas. From the point of view of Ayurveda, when examining the human body, these three gunas are explained in terms of vata (composed of the elements of air and space and characterized by dryness, airiness, lightness, movement, etc.), pitta (made of the elements of fire and water, having attributes of heat, sharpness, liquidity, acidity, unbounded flow etc.), and slesma (made up of the elements of water and earth, having attributes of heaviness, sweetness, softness, cold, oiliness, stability, etc.). Every moment of our lives, all our actions, reactions, and deeds are strongly influenced by these gunas.

The Indian religious, philosophical, and cultural traditions are regarded as eternal. These are mankinds most ancient and continuous traditions, which are still being faithfully followed and, tradition says that these are perpetual and everlasting.

The greatness of these traditions lies in the deep mental and emotional involvement of our people and the sanctity accorded to them over the ages. Devotion to God, respect and reverence towards teachers and elders, love and affection among family members and relatives are some of the other special features of our age-old traditions.

Nowadays, there is a trend to question all the advices given by our elders and predecessors. In this regard, it is to be noted that there is nothing wrong or harmful when we follow the injunctions of our elders. There is no need to question the propriety to know the reason behind such injunction. There is no rule that the reason behind everything should necessarily be provided. There is no doubt that by abiding to the advice of elders, it will be conducive to the good of all.

The first part of the book describes the important festivals along with the special dishes unique to these festivals. The second part of the book is a compilation of many useful traditional recipes.

This is a very important, special, characteristic feature of the Srivaisnava tradition. The underlying sentiment of this tradition is that every work undertaken by us is regarded as a form of service to God (kaimkarya) and is dedicated or offered to God Himself. This is indeed a unique and amazing feature. Further, the offerings made to His devotee, known as bhagavatas too is further exalted and is considered as a unique feature of the tradition. 'The Srivaisnava tradition is an integral part of the broader Indian spiritual tradition and as such one can be indeed proud of practicing it. What is the significance and implication of our ancient festivals and other sacred and auspicious days? Why should they be celebrated properly year after year and generation after generation? From the Samskrta word 'parva', the word 'pabba' has been derived which is the basis of the Kannada word 'habba'. Indians refer to all the special days as 'parvadina' which is the same as 'habba' (in Kannda) or 'pandigal' (in English).

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