Stories of Rama 5-IN-1
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Stories of Rama 5-IN-1

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Item Code: ACL87
Author: Anant Pai
Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788189999508
Pages: 160
Cover: Hardcover Comic Book
Other Details 9.8" X 7.4"
Weight 490 gm
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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From the Jacket:

In this Pancharatna Volue we have put together five Amar Chitra Katha titles on the legendary ideal king, Rama. The first one is based on Kalidasa's 'Raghuvamsham' and chronicles the lives of the Ancestors of Rama

The second, Dasharatha is based mainly on Valmiki's famous epic, Ramayana.' It is said that the poem could gush out of the compassionate heart of Valmiki because he witnessed the sorrow of a female 'Krauncha' bird, when its mate was killed by the merciless arrow of a hunter.

Rama is based on the Hindi classic Ram-Charit - Manas by the great poet Tulsidas. The idea that God fulfils himself in the best of men is conveyed by the life of Rama, as depicted by Tulsidas.

Hanuman, though born a monkey, attained a prominent place among the Hindu gods, by his sterling character and by his singular devotion to Rama.

The Sons of Rama is based on Bhavabhuti's 'Uttara - Ramacharitam'.



King Rama was special. He was handsome, brave, talented, wise and a devoted son and husband- in fact, he was the most perfect of all men. Born to wealth and power, this hero of the Ramayana was remarkably unspoiled by his good fortune. This is because finely distilled in him were the exceptional qualities of his forefathers-Dilipa's single -minded devotion, the warrior skill of Raghu, and the courage and the courage and righteousness of the handsome Aja.



Dasharatha the prince of Ayodhya, was out hunting when he heard the sound of an elephant drinking water. Aiming his bow the prince shot in the direction of the sound. Tragically, the arrow killed a youth who was filling water in a pitcher for his old and blind parents. The anguished father cursed Dasharatha that one day he would die grieving for his son.Dasharatha's son was the valiant and unparalleled, Rama.



Rama was happy living in the forest with his wife and brother. Palace intrigue may have forced his exile, but the next fourteen years promised to be quite pleasant. Suddenly, this idyllic life was thrown into turmoil. His beloved wife Sita was kidnapped! with unmatched skill as a warrior, Rama destroyed the ten-headed Ravana. And along the way, he won a host of very grateful friends. .



Hanuman stands for extraordinary physical strength, courage and humility. Above all, he is known for his devotion to Rama. So, it was little wonder that Rama entrusted Hanuman with the task of carring his message to Sita in Lanka. Again, it was Hanuman who brought him the life-giving Sanjeevani to revive his beloved brother Lakshmana who had been grievously injured on the battlefield. Even today, Hanuman is regarded as the epitome of unfaltering devotion and uparalled strength. .



No one dared challenge the might of king Rama of Ayodhya Famous for his valour and skill as a warrior, he confidently set out to become the king of the World. But then, his forces came up against Rama's powerful weapons and knocked his seasoned generals off their war chariots. Little did the king realise that this young duo could effortlessly capture his soldiers as well as his heart. .



Ancestors of Rama
The Sons of Rama


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