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The Story of India and Srilanka and The Tamils

The Story of India and Srilanka and The Tamils
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Author: Selvaganesan
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9780997557701
Pages: 235
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About the Book

There was never an armed secessionist movement in the Tamil regions of India, whereas in Sri Lanka the discriminatory regimes and failed political struggles of Tamils led to an armed uprising...

The Indian administration was incorrectly led to believe that the rise of armed movements in Sri Lanka would lead to rise of secessionist movement in Tamil Nadu...

The armed movement(LTTE) in Sri Lanka was built with a Portfolio of skills for over two decades-transcontinental organization, technological excellence, combative mind-set, international network with -governments, civilians, media, underworld, capabilities to manufacture battlefield weapons, on-field battle strategy, financing models, stealth operations, covert intelligence operations unit, sleeper cells, political lobbying, publicity and propaganda skills, lightning fast manoeuvrability across combat regions and sourcing & supply chain management of arms & ammunitions...

The Author describes the events leading up to the military defeat of the LTTE that began at least twelve years ago in Mozambique where the LTTE seized arms & ammunitions purchased by the Sri Lankan Military. The event alerted the Western Powers to sit up and mark the LTTE in the danger lists as a non-state actor had acquired abilities to strike with a transcontinental infrastructure and unbelievable stealth.

About the Author

The Author, GB Selvaganesan is an IT Professional from Chennai and holds a master's degree in Management from XLRI. He loves spending time with his family, reading books, watching cricket and playing chess. He loves the poems of Mahakavi Bharathi and the works of John Grisham, Ken Follet, Fredrick Forsyth and Jules Verne. The Author enjoys reading Historical accounts, be it a Fiction or a Non-Fiction.


In 1948, the British departed from the Srilankan shores leaving a political vacuum in the Island Nation. At that time, the Srilankan Parliament was dominated by the Sinhalese majority who shared the nation along with Tamil speaking citizens. Since then, the Srilankan Tamils, who are a minority, faced oppressive regimes. The oppression initially had been more in terms of political power play than physical violence. As the people resisted political oppression, physical violence against the minorities began at pockets.

There were multiple attempts of political reconciliation initiated by Federal Party of Srilankan Tamils demanding a Federal Structure of Governance for Srilanka. However, the Srilankan State rejected Federalism and every other thought concerning Tamils' political aspirations (including those were available during the initial years of Independence) culminating to birth of armed militant groups, chiefly the LTTE.

The result of armed militancy was war. It lasted for nearly 30 years in the Tamil Majority regions of Srilanka. None of the major actors, the Srilankan State, the LTTE and the Indian establishment cared for the cost of such a war, or the cost of winning or the cost of losing such a war. The Tamils of India and Srilanka share ethnic roots though with regional distinctions; more than 92% of Tamil speakers live in India and the rest in Srilanka. Hence, any problem for the Srilankan Tamils has major heartburn and political impact in the Tamil speaking regions of India. Despite the pains of the War, all the affected parties - the Srilankan Government, Tamil Militants and strangely, the Indian Government - at least in one point of time or another believed that war is the only means to justify the end. Of the above actors, the armed Tamil groups of Srilanka and the Srilankan State were genuinely tearing at each other remorselessly though Srilankan Tamil population was at the receiving end on most occasions. But the callous approach, monstrous attitude and utter disdain with which the Indian Diplomacy regarded the genuine grievance of common folks among the Srilankan Tamils and its conduct during the last few years of the war could never be easily erased from the Tamils' memory. A section of Tamils in Tamilnadu view this attitude as a anti-Tamil policy of the Indian Administration towards Tamils of Srilanka; however the Babudom in the Government of India maintains that the Policy towards Srilanka is designed to serve India's strategic interests.

Many Nation States, including the United States certainly err on their Conception, understanding, design and execution of the Policy on Strategic Interests. The recent revelations by Snowden of US spying the Europeans is a unique example of absurdity of actions and its result of overzealous 'Intelligence Officials' trying to do their jobs that was neither expected nor ordained to be accomplished by them from their high commands. So, the deeper meaning of such Strategic interests as understood by eager-beavers in the Diplomatic and Counter-Intelligence channels is always questionable and most certainly wrong as the two World Wars had taught the nations and its rulers fitting lessons about ruinous ill effects of such zeal. The depth of the ills committed by Indian Diplomats during this Srilankan Tamils' Freedom struggle, by hoodwinking its people in the name of Strategic Interests, will not go away certainly for many decades. However, it may with the passage of time transcending generations would allow them to reconcile with the past, if Justice that has been denied, is restored to the Srilankan Tamils.

On the other hand, if Alvin Tofler's 'Third Wave' is true, then the likes of Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg would have freed this world and its people from war, blood and cannibalism. Then their services to humanity, the network of human via web Universe, would be regarded much greater than what Buddha, Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi had attempted over the past two and half millennia.

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