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The Story of Rasikananda

The Story of Rasikananda
Item Code: NAV047
Author: Bhakti Vikasa Swami
Publisher: Bhakti Vikasa Swami
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9789382109006
Pages: 256 (4 Colored Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.58 kg
About the Book

Sri Rasikananda-deva was a mighty Vaisnava acarya of the era following Lord CAitanya’s disappearance. Along with his guru (Srila Syamananda Pandita), Rasikananda inundated North Odisha and surrounding districts in waves of Krsna-prema that are still flowing today. He subdued and converted atheists, blasphemers, and decoits (and even tamed and initiated a rogue elephant!). The unique and inspiring story of Sri Rasikanada-deva is told herein.


This book is intended mainly for devotees of Krsna who are already at least somewhat acquainted with the culture and history of Gaudiya Vaisnavism. Therefore, although a few notes have been given, I have not attempted to explain many of the words and concepts that will be unintelligible to the layman. Devotees will also be familiar with the system of diacritical marks used herein to indicate the pronunciation of Sanskrit and Bengali words.

In several places in the text, the author has given long lists of devotees’ names. Although readers may tend to skip through such lists, it is best to consider that each devotee mentioned is a great personality whose very name is purifying. Vaisnava literature should not be approached like a cheap novel. Although it will certainly appeal to those of cultured intelligence, Vaisnava literature is meant primarily for purification, not entertainment. Readers who take the trouble to respect the name of each devotee mentioned will certainly become eligible to receive the blessings of these great Vaisnavas. As stated by Gopi-jana-vallabha Dasa, "By listening to their names one can attain love of Krsna."


This edition has been much corrected and amended. The first round of work was done by Gopala Acarya Dasa and Sarvabhauma Dasa. Then Kisora Dasa and his wife, Ananta-sarovara Dasi, extensively corrected the text as per the original Bengali. Photo credits are due to Kigora Dasa and to the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre, Kolkata. Indira-sakhi Devi Dasi, Murari Dasa, and Nitya Gaura Dasa did the proofreading. The cover painting was done by Bhavesh Raval, Sadhu Caitanya Dasa did the layout, and Sri Giridhari Dasa oversaw the printing. May Sri Rasikananda-deva bless them all.

Extra appendixes and also a glossary have been included in this edition.


vidyante naiva loke kati kati na puranetihasa hi tesu

na kincid kvapi krsnah svayam alikhad rte gita-govindato ’sau

bhaktesv evarm na kutrapi nija-kara-krtam likhyate bindu-ruparm

Sri-Syamananda eva svayam akrta muda srimati radhikaiva

Although there are many religious literatures in the world, in only one of them—Jayadeva Gosvami’s Gita-govinda—did Lord Krsna put His personal handwriting." Similarly, Syamananda Prabhu was the only devotee to be personally marked with tilaka by the hand of Srimati Radharani.

sandrananda-nidhih prasdda-jaladhis trailokya-sobha-nidhih

purna-prema-rasamrta-ksaya-nidhih saubhagya-laksmi-nidhih

santaptaika-maha-nidhir drava-nidhih karunya-lila-nidhih

Syamananda-daya-nidhih vijayate madhurya-sampurna-dhih

Sri Syamananda is a gem of kindness and a mine of extreme joy. He is an ocean of benevolence and the reservoir of the beauty of the three worlds. In him rests the abode and essence of love and good fortune. He is the only resort of the aggrieved, the supreme jewel of transcendental pastimes, and a gem of mercy. His intelligence is saturated with the mellow of conjugal love.

sandrananda-karam rasonnati-karam sri-krsna-bhavakaram

cetah-santi-karam tamah-ksaya-karam bhaktavali-sankaram

duhkhaccheda-karam sudhanvaya-karamh karunya-sampat-karam

dinoddhara-karam namami rasikanandam prabhum bhaskaram

I bow down to Sri Rasikananda, who is like the sun. He is the giver of deep joy, a possessor of the conjugal mellow of love of God and a mine of deep feelings for Krsna. He can bring peace to our minds and remove the darkness of ignorance. He is the well-wisher of the devotees and the extinguisher of all miseries. He is the source of a stream of nectar, a treasure-house of the wealth of mercy, and the deliverer of the poor.

he Sri-sanatana-prabho! karundmbu-rase! he rupa! durgati-janaika-dayavaloka!

he bhatta-yugma sumate raghunatha-dasa!

Sri-jiva me kuruta miidha-mateh krpam drak

O Srila Sanatana Gosvami Prabhu, the reservoir of compassion! O Srila Rapa Gosvami, the only resort of the fallen souls! O Bhatta Prabhus (Srila Raghunatha Bhatta and Srila Gopala Bhatta Gosvamis) and the benevolent Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami! O Srila Jiva Gosvami! Please quickly bestow your mercy upon this fool.

Sri-Syamananda-devanam vande padambuja-dvayam

jayate yad-anudhydnat prema-bhaktir nrnam harau

I worship the lotus feet of Sri Syamananda-deva, whose intense meditation made all the people accept pure devotional service to Lord Hari.

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