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Symbols of Indian Culture

Symbols of Indian Culture
Item Code: IDJ806
Publisher: Ocean Books Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8187100451
Pages: 32 (26 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.0" X 7.0"

When you go to any temple or look at a picture or idol of any deity, some curiosity arises in your mind. Why should Lord Ganesha have elephant head with a big trunk? The conveyance of Lord Shiva is Nandi bull, Goddess Pravatis' conveyance is Lion and Lord Ganesha's is mouse. Why? Can we ride on a mouse? In pictures Goddess is some times having four, eight or ten hands. Is it true?

While performing puja at home we draw sketch of lotus, swastika, Om, tree and pinnacle. Are they merely designs? No, they are symbols. People want to know the meaning of these symbols and the facts of our culture, which are revealed by them.

We can not know anything about our India unless we understand the meaning of these symbols and after understanding the meaning of these symbols, we will have more veneration for out country.

It is said that it is difficult to understand the meaning of these symbols. But in reality it is not so. If we teach the children from their childhood about these symbols, they will become scholar of these symbols in their young age and will interpret these in a better way.

Some of the symbols are being given here and it is hoped that children will understand the meaning of these symbols and will spread their message further.


Message of Cultural Symbols4
Urn (Kalash)9
Sesamum-Jaggery on Occasion of Makar Sankranti10
Colour and fire on Holi11
Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan12
Roli and Akshat12
Dhoopbatti (Incense Stick) and Sandalwood13
Banyan Tree14
Symbols in Idols16
Lute, Damru, Conch-shell16
Hands of God-Goddess17
Nritya (Dance)24
The Dancing God and Goddess26
The Vehicles of God and Goddess26
Postures of Hands27
Structure of the temple27
Idols are symbols28
The Dharamchakra of the Buddhist29
Water current and flowers in adoration29
The three threads of Janeu30
Adoration of Ganges by Ganga water30
Integrity by Symbols32

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