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Tantric Revisionings: New Understandings of Tibetan Buddhism and Indian Religion

Tantric Revisionings: New Understandings of Tibetan Buddhism and Indian Religion
Item Code: IDF054
Author: Geoffrey Samuel
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 812082752X
Pages: 394
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.75"
586 gms
From the Jacket :

Tantric Revisionings presents stimulating new perspectives on Hindu and Buddhist religion, particularly their Tantric versions, in India, Tibet or in modern Western societies. Geoffrey Samuel adopts an historically and textually informed anthropological approach, seeking to locate and understand religion in its social and cultural context. The question of the relation between 'popular' (folk, domestic, village, 'shamanic') religion and elite (literary, textual, monastic) religion forms a recurring theme through these studies. Six chapters have not been previously published; the previously published studies included are in publications which are difficult to locate in major specialist libraries.

About the Author :

Geoffrey Samuel is a specialist in the anthropology of Buddhist societies, particularly those of the Tibet and the Himalayas. He has also researched and published on anthropological theory, medical anthropology, ethnomusicology, and new religious movements in Western societies. He has worked at the University of Newcastle, Australia where he is currently Professor of Anthropology, since 1978, with the exception of three years (1995 to 1997) as Professor of Religious Studies at Landcaster University. In January 2005, he will be moving to Cardiff University in Wales as a Professor Fellow.

Samuel's previous publications include two books, Mind, Body and Culture (1990) and Civilized Shamans (1993), as well as numerous articles and book chapters. He has also edited four books: Tantra and Popular Religion in Tibet (1994, with Hamish Gregor and Elisabeth Stutchbury), Nature Religion Today (1998, with Joanne Pearson and Richard H. Roberts), Healing Powers and Modernity (2001, with Linda H. Connor) and The Daughters of Hariti (2002, with Santi Razario).


Preface and Acknowledgementsix


2.Tibet as a Stateless Society and Some Islamic Parallels27


3.The Dissenting Tradition of Indian Tantra and its Partial Hegemonisation in Tibet52
4.Tibetan Tantra as a Form of Shamanism: Some Reflections on the Vajrayana and its Shamanic Origins72
5.Buddhism and the state in Eighth Century Tibet94
6.Shamanism, Bon and Tibetan Religion116
7.The Indus Valley Civilisation and Early Tibet138
8.Ge-sar of gLing: The Origins and Meanings of the East Tibetan Epic165


9.Tibet and the Southeast Asian Highlands: Rethinking the Intellectual Context of Tibetan Studies192
10.The Vajrayana in the Context of Himalayan Folk Religion215
11.The Effectiveness of Goodesses, or, How Ritual Works229
12.Women, Goddesses and Auspiciousness in South Asia256


13.Tibetan Buddhism as a World Religion: Global Networking and its Consequences288
14.The Westernisation of Tibetan Buddhism317
15.The Attractions of Tantra: Two Historical Moments345

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