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Tarkabhasa or Exposition of Reasoning

Tarkabhasa or Exposition of Reasoning
Item Code: IDF918
Author: Pandit Ganganatha Jha
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Language: English Translation
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8170842060
Pages: 104
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.5"

About the Book

The Tarakabhasa of Kesava Misra is an elementary treatise on the Nyaya System. It explains, in brief the main tenets peculiar to that system, alongwith certain other details that system subsequently borrowed from the sister system of the Vaisesikas. The work has been chosen for translation because of its freedom from the intricate polemics that make many Nyaya works repellent to the ordinary students. This translation will serve as an introduction to the study of the more abstruse words that are being translated:-viz, the Bhasys of Vatsyayana and the Vartika of Udyotakara-which constitute the chief and original authority for the Nyaya.

The writer of this work is believed to have lived between 1344 abd 14919A. C. in Mithila (North Bihar).

The text used is the reprint from the Pandit, Published by the Medical Hall Press. Benares.


  Preliminary Note iv
  Introduction 1
Section 1 Instruments of Right cognition 2-52
  Definition of Instruments of Right Cognition 2
  Definition of right Cognition 3
  Definition of Instruments 3
  Definition of cause 3
  Different Kinds of Cause 3-123
  Sense-Perception: the first Instrument of Right Cognition 12-19
  Inference: The second Instrument of Right Cognition 19-36
  Analogy: the third Instrument of Right Cognition 36-37
  Word: the fourth Instrument of Right Cognition 37-41
  Presumption included in Inference 41-42
  Negation included in Perception 42-47
  Validity not inherent in Cognitions 47-52
Section 2 Objects of Cognition 52-84
  Soul 53-55
  Body 55
  Sense-organs 55-57
  Objects; Substances and Cognition 57-58
  Substances: earth and Cognition 58-60
  Process of Production and Destruction of Composite substances 60-67
  Qualities 67-84
Section 3 Doubt 84-85
Section 4 Motive 86
Section 5 Corroborative Instance 86
Section 6 Demonstrated Truth 86
Section 7 Factors of Syllogistic Reasoning 87-88
Section 8 Hypothetical Reasoning 88-89
Section 9 Definitive Cognition 89
Section 10 Discussion 89
Section 11 Disputation 89-90
Section 12 Wrangling 90
Section 13 Eallacious Reason 90-102
Section 14 Casuistry 102-103
Section 15 Futile Rejoinder 103-104
Section 16 Cluchers 104

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