The Tibetan Art Of Healing

The Tibetan Art Of Healing

Item Code: NAB054
Author: Ian Baker & Deepak Chopra
Publisher: Timeless Books New Delhi
Edition: 1997
Pages: 192 (Col. illus.:250)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 12.5" x 9.2"
From the Jacket: Like an illuminated manuscript, this extraordinarily beautiful book is both an exquisite artwork in itself and an object of profound meditation. It is based on a revered collection, long considered lost, of three hundred year old Tibetan Thangkas: elaborate paintings that portray a philosophy of healing based on Buddhist beliefs, Ayurvedic practices and ancient shamanic traditions - works that still have much to teach us today.

Rendered by Tibet's foremost traditional artist, Romio Shrestha, using the age old technique of painting with rich materials such as gold and powdered lapis lazuli, these breathtakingly complex and brilliant works reward the minutest contemplation.

This important book is also a practical guide to our search for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Tibetan scholar Ian Baker guides us through a selection of the paintings, unfolding their invaluable secrets based on traditional beliefs concerning the causes and prevention of myriad illnesses, as well as remedies for them. With insights into such 'contemporary' aliments as stress, allergies and heart disease, and chapter devoted to aspects of sexual alchemy, rejuvenation and Tantric yoga, this wide-ranging study provides us with an inspirational reconsideration of conventional western attitudes to health care, disease and methods of healing.

The Tibetan Art of Healing is an unprecedented journey into health and transformation, an astonishing volume as timely and revolutionary as it is sumptuous and exuberant.

About the Artist

Romio Shrestha was born in Nepal in 1959. Singled out by Tibetan monks when only five years old as an artist whose last reincarnation had been left to die after his hands were cut off and his eyes gouged out, he is now a master of his craft, whose work is celebrated wherever it is seen. His paintings from the Tibetan medical Tantras were created under his direction with 70 students.

About the Author:

Ian A.Baker has lived for more than fifteen years in India and Nepal and has studied extensively with Tibetan Lamas, Yogis and physicians. Hi is co-author of Tibet: Reflections from the Wheel of Life (1993), as well as numerous articles on Himalayan art, anthropology and exploration.

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