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A Tibetan Solution

A Tibetan Solution
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Item Code: NAD084
Author: William M. Bueler
Publisher: Pljor Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8186230440
Pages: 268
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4 inch X 5.4 inch
weight of the book: 335 gms
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COMMENTS ON WILLIAM BUELER’S FIRST NOVEL ABOUT TIBER, TABLET OF THE GODS. • Western fictionalization of the East makes for a formidable oeuvre, bearing authorships of such diverse genre and generation as Marco Polo, Rudyard Kipling, E. M. Forster, George orwell, James Hilton, and now William M. Bueler.

• Tablet of the Gods follows in the path of James Hilton’s Lost Horizon. It is a search by modern man for something mysterious, extraordinary and spiritual in the world. Of course, this strange place or thing has to be found in exotic parts of Asia. In this novel, it is a religious relic and it is located in a remote monastery, deep in the mountain wilderness of southeastern Tiber.

• William Bueler is skillful in his description of things Tiberan… Emotions and feeling expressed with great expertise can make drops of tears wet the pages of the book… the book will thrull the reader with suspense.


Lois Bueler for loving support and for correcting many typos, stylistic problems, and points of illogic or inconsistency.

Marg Smith for encouragement and hours of typing when I became a one-armed (one finger, actually) typist. Kathy Lennox, Katherine Bueler, Barbara (Dueler) Werren, Susan Eaton, and the Prime Timers Writer’s Workshop for encouraging words.

Jerry Fowler, Norman Nesbit, Karl Gustafson, Dick Schori, Carl Schori, Gary Schiffmiller, Edward Bueler, Jill Faudree, Chris Cullen, and Frank Fallon for joining me on trips to the Chinese-Tibetan borderlands or Tibet itself.


1.Acknowledgements vii
2.Drongseb Village1-34
5.In America91—153
6.Camp Hale154—I 82
A TIbetan Solution242-265
Historical and Cultural Notes267

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