Tried Technique of Predictions and Some Memoirs of an Astrologer

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Author: K.N. Rao
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1. Astrology has reached a stage when the Younger generation should think of producing researches based on subtle points. For example Moon Rahu combinations can have many meanings other than neurosis.
2. How is it that a Guru is predestined to be famous.
3. Guru Chandala yoga has variations.
4. There exited in India a generation of astrologers who never produced any research and could not even distinguish between a research and a hackneyed astrological article. The scene is changing now as should be obvious from the books coming out the institute of Astrology of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.
5. There will be plagiarists and cheats as usual, who dominate the astrological scene, but some among the youngsters should think of astrological excellence inspite of it.


This book includes two articles which appeared in the Journal of Astrology, a quarterly, which I edit. One is Ramakrishna Paramhamsa Saraswati. Two other the famous Arya Samaj leader, Swami Dayananda manuscripts of mine are Jonas Salk and a research on Guru Chandala Yoga. I have given some ruminations of mine which are thoughts recollected about astrology and astrologer. The techniques used in these papers need explaining.

1. Eye of Wisdom
Spiritual ideals an astrologer must observe are vanishing fast. It is difficult for astrologers to believe that there existed a rishi like astrologer, my jyotish guru, Yogi Bhaskarananda who I remember always with gratitude. He it was that told me that I would face lost of hostility from astrologers which I should not allow to hamper my astrological – missionary activities. Yet, I remember that jyotisha is the eye of wisdom.

2. Ramakrishna Paramhamsa
It is an accurate and well known horoscope though some Americans have used it wrongly with Meena lagna. Some questions one must ask about Ramakrishna Paramhamsa are what are those classical Sanyas Yogas which distinguishes him from many other Guru. Why among all Gurus in recorded history of last few centuries did he have a famous string of disciples who made the Rama Krishna Menon a world famous Hindu mission, the first and possibly the only one in the world?

3. Swami Dayananda Saraswati
A phenomenon of Indian socio-religious history of last century Swami Dyananda Sraswati has perhaps been not discussed for many reasons by astrologers, mainly because he was against astrology. Followers of Aryan Samaj never kept their horoscopes and never consulted astrologers for many decades. Even now, if they consult an astrologer it is mostly because of the woman folk of their families.

Under the weight of western propaganda, Indians do not remember proudly that the first great champion of women’s cause in the world in the last two centuries was a great Yogi?

To discuss his horoscope is to provide Arya Samajis. If Swami Dayananda Saraswati were alive he would have scolded any astrologer who attempted to portray his life astrogically. Yet, not to make an attempt to have a horoscope of his is to miss it forever. Fortunately, his biography provides enough material on him and an accurate birthday, month and Year and the place of birth. The time of birth is not known. In such cases one can make use of Chandra Lagna and proceed to trace his life events with some satisfaction and also trepidation.

Yet, I think that I have succeeded in fixing even his birth time correctly which however, no one can verify. It remain disputed till, if at all, someone finds it out.

4. Dr. Jonas Salk
A longer explanation is need why we must remember Jonas Salk whose Mahatma like act of not getting patented his medicine for poliomyelitis should give a place among the Mahatmas of the twentieth century.

O.J. Simpson got involved in what has now become a world famous criminal case of USA whose proceedings were watched by billions all over the world on the television. The frenzy that it generated showed how the USA can lose all its sanity and infect the world so powerfully, globally. Three books on O.J. Simpson have already come out and were selling well in 1996. In 1998, we have witnessed the electronic lynching of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. More and more books will still come out on this sordid affair. The US media thrives on diverting attention from the sublime to the vulgar, from the noble to the ignoble – to make the billions of dollars which is its chief aim.

In June 1995, the great American scientist Jonas Salk died. The American television and the media gave almost no publicity to the death of so great and noble a scientist. The Americans treated it as a non- event. It hurts me deeply to see so much loss of sanity in what is world’s second largest democracy with its pronounced and palpable craziness. I was in the USA then. The American newspapers like the New York Times which have 60 to 80 pages covering almost all sections and all aspects of human life, was not seen by me in a majority of American homes I stayed in. I found it very difficult to make Americans discuss the politics of their country. Unlike Indians, who are obsessed with politics, the average American’s lack of interest in politics can be seen as a strange contrast. Together with this, their ignorance of the achievements of a scientists like Jonas Salk made me feel that except base-ball and soccer players and perhaps, boxers, their interest seemed to be in Hollywood stars. There was noble and spiritual side to the life of Jonas Salk, which I came to know only after I read some literature on him. Should not such a man have been given a wide national coverage, at least after his death? It however did not happen. I was in the USA at the time of his Death. Someone promised to arrange my meetings with him. It did not materialise. I had not appreciated the significance of meeting a scientist who was a noble thinker. This too I discovered, later.

The sketch is being written to remember a great man whom I never met but, who, I felt, was a very inspiring man of our century.

We Indians should proudly remember that we had invited Jonas Salk to India and honoured him. We know how to honour a real Brahmin, (guna karma vibhakashah) as the Gita says. It is the quality and karma that decides whether you are a Brahmin or not.

5. Guru Chandala Yoga
In the sublime life of Rama Krishna Paramhamsa there were his critics and there may have been some betrayers about whom we know so little. In the case of Swami Dayananda Saraswati we know that difficulties and abusive remarks he had to face which he overcame with his yogic powers, more often than not. Not much is known about the noble Salk. Where there is fame and distinction there are envious opponents and use and betray variety of ‘disciples’ or ‘bhasktas’. In all these cases one common astrological feature is either is either Guru Chandala Yoga or the affliction of Jupiter and the sixth and ninth lords’ connection with malefic influence.

In early sixties, I met some peoples in the ashrams of gurus in India who invariably promoted themselves at the cost of others, as though to capture power and they betrayed their Guru when their tricks did not work. None of them became famous, glorious or had even noticing. So long as they lived then indulged in ignoble deeds.

In other fields, also I saw some of such persons who took to the act of betrayal at the earliest. It sprouted in their Rahu dasha and became virulent in the dasha of Jupiter. Guru is Jupiter and Chandala is Rahu. Along with two Gurus, Ramakrishna and Dayanand and a noble scientist, Salk, it is better to study the horoscope of people with Guru Chandala Yoga because they are many more now in these days of opportunism with their fatuous ambitions to make quick money through whatever pretensions they have.

Unlike any other astrologer, I picked up people, taught them astrology, groomed them up, gave them a stage, spent a fortune on their tours and trips from my own earnings and have been betrayed also. In all the horoscopes of those who betrayed the common factors have been combust ninth lord all other factors as has been discussed in the paper.

It has to be accepted as God’s will and the next batch of students have to be groomed up similarly and await some others to betray you. I have seen it happen to yogis and Gurus and learnt from them to accept it as a Go’s will.

6. Ruminations
It is the time I wrote bit by bit what I saw in the world of astrology. So there is a small chapter on Ruminations which is part of a long unpublished manuscript.

I am highly thankful for financial aid granted for publications by ‘The Society for Vedic Research and Practices’ .Which holds a very prominent place in encouraging similar researches.


1Astrology is the eye of wisdom8
2Rama Krishna Paramhamsa15
3Dayananda saraswati of arya samaj29
4Dr. Jonas Salk (the american scientist)39
5Guru Chandala Yoga52
6Ruminations of an Astrologer70
7Books of K.N. Rao90
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