वासुदेवविरचितम् त्रिपुरदहनम् - Tripurdahanam of Vasudeva
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वासुदेवविरचितम् त्रिपुरदहनम् - Tripurdahanam of Vasudeva

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Author: K Bharathi
Publisher: National Mission For Manuscripts
Language: SANSKRIT
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9789380829722
Pages: 300
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About the Book
The Tripuradahana is a yamaka poem in Sanskrit in three Aswasas composed by a Keralite poet Vasudeva Bhattatiri who is believed to have lived in the latter half of the 9th century and the first Half of the 10th century AD. The poem deals with the annihilation of the three demons, sons of Taraka by Lord Siva. The present work is a critical edition of the text and its various available commentaries with an indepth introduction by Dr. K. Bharathy.

About the Author
Prof. K Bharathy was born as the daughter of Panditarajan Trikkovil Rama Varrier and Smt. Kalikkutty. Varasiar in 1942 and had her early education in Tripunithura. She had her B.A. Degree in Sanskrit from the Maharaja's College, Ernakulum with first rank and M.A Degree from the University College, Trivandrum, also with first rank. She was awarded the doctorate degree from the University of Kerala for her thesis on Tripuradahana and its commentary Arthaprakasika. She has to her credit the teaching experience in various government colleges in Kerala as lecturer, Professor and Principal. Her Malayalam translation with prose order of the complete prakarana works of Sri Sankaracarya is recently published. Another similar work explaining the complete stotra works of Sankaracarya is also in the press.

The contribution of Vasudeva Bhattatiri to Sanskrit literature has not been fully assessed by, nor presented to the admirers of Sanskrit language and literature. Born in a Nampootiri family, named Pattathu in the Peruvanam village of Trissur district of Kerala, probably in 10th cent A.D. Vasudeva had composed at least three Yamaka poems. Tripuradahana kavya is one among them. It is a poem divided into three cantos and contains two hundred stanzas in total. The text narrates the destruction of three cities of the demons (Tarakaksa, Kamalaksa and Vidyunmali) by Lord Shiva based on the narratives in the Purarja. But the grandeur of the work lies in the application of Yamaka and Alankara which speaks of the scholarship of the poet. The Yamaka poems of Vasudeva and their commentaries were appreciated by royal families. As a result palm-leaf manuscripts of Vasudeva's works were preserved by many royal families as well as by Nampootiri families. Presently, some of these manuscripts are found in certain libraries though many of them are in a highly dilapidated condition.

The National Mission for Manuscripts is pleased to present the critical edition of the Tripuradahana, one of the Yamaka kavyas of Vasudeva Bhattatiri to interested readers along with some as yet unpublished commentaries.

The present editor, Dr. K. Bharathy of Kerala is an erudite Sanskrit scholar and she has thoroughly scrutinized the related manuscripts while preparing the critical edition of the text. The work also contains an elaborate introduction by the present editor to understand and enjoy this kavya in total perspective.

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