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Item Code: IDF722
Author: Edited By: DR. Sudarshan Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Introduction, Text, English Translation and Annotations
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8171102530
Pages: 317
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.7" X 7.2"
weight of the book: 735 gms
About the Book:

This is a tale in 8 Ucchvasas describing daughter of Sikhandatilada king of the Nagaloka and Malayavahana king of Pratithana. Chapter I gives a detailed account of his genealogy and elevated state of his Race. He refers to Siladitya king of Valabhi.

The dotif of the pure of Citrasikha proves his indebtedness to Kadambari of Bana only in its apparent norm but not in its true spirit though autobiographical account of parrot bears similarity in its superficial norm. the proper story starts from Ucchvasa II and does bear the scmblance with Kadambari in point of embodiment of narratives though not interwined like those of Kadambari. Ucchvasas II and III detail the tale of Parrot Citrasikha.

Ucchvasa IV details the tale of Kumara kesarin. The intervening tale of Mayabala having the marvelous sentiment in conversion of Kankalaka into an aircraft. Ucchvasa VI details the tale of Taravati assuming the form of a mare as a result of the cure of Visvabhuti continued in Ucchvasa VII. The intervening tale of huge monkey likewise adds to the Rudra and Bhayanaka rasas with Bibhatsa in the Scene of cemetery. Pining states of Malayavahana and Udyasundari afford the Vipralambha having karuna as the accessory Mood.

Three styles have been employed by Soddhala Vaidharbhi Gaudi and Pancali. Kapalikas and Raksasas cater to the Bibhatsa or odium. Soddhala has referred to the Campu Kvyas Asokavati of Candanacarya and ratnamanjari of Candrakara. The style and technique in point of diction have an element of colloquial norm representing the idiom and phraseology of the states to which he belonged.

The present edition is the first ever English translation of the famous tale Udayasundarikatha.


Introduction vii-xxxix
First Ucchvasa 1-37
Second Ucchvasa 38-78
Third Ucchvasa 79-108
Fourth Ucchvasa 109-144
Fifth Ucchvasa 145-184
Sixth Ucchvasa 185-226
Seventh Ucchvasa 227-273
Eighth Ucchvasa 274-317

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