The Unadisutras in Various Recensions: The Unadisutras With The Prakriyasarvasva of Narayana (Part II) - An Old and Rare Book
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The Unadisutras in Various Recensions: The Unadisutras With The Prakriyasarvasva of Narayana (Part II) - An Old and Rare Book

Item Code: NAL120
Author: T. R. Chintamani
Publisher: University of Madras
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 1992
ISBN: 8170130944
Pages: 225
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 10.0 inch X 6.5 inch
Weight 490 gm
About the Book

The text of the Unadisutras in various recensions has been published in four parts. The Unadistras form one of the supplements to the study of Sanskrit Grammar in all its systems. Every system of Sanskrit Gramman has its Unadisutras and many of them remain unpublished. And the Unadisutras of many of these systems have got authoritative commentaries by eminent writers.

The most popular of the several sets of Unadisutras is the one that has been commented upon by Ujjvaladatta, Bhattoji Diksita and others. This is the most favoured Uhnadi as it belongs to the system of Panini.


It is with very great pleasure that I introduce to the worlds of scholars this second part of No. 7 in the Madras University Sanskrit Series, containing the Vrtti on the Unadisutras by Naryana Bhatta. The Unadisutra-vrtti forms the nineteenth section (khanda) in his work called Prakiyasarsva, which is a commentary on the sutras of Panini. This work has not yet been printed. Manuscripts are available in plenty, especially in South india. Brahmasri Pansit K. Sambasiva Sastri has begun the printing of this important work, and has issued one part containing Khandas 1-4 as No. In the Trivandrum Sanskrit Series.

The great merit of the works of Narayana Bhatta is the thoroughness with which he deals with the subject. He does not stop with explaining a point; he brings in all the subjects, and presents a comprehensive and comparative study of the subject. Thu, his commentary on the sutras of Panini forms a basis, not only for understanding the meaning of the sutras but also for reconstructing the history of the various systems of Sanskrit grammar.

It would have been possible for the Sanskrit Department to procure more copies. But the four manuscripts used have been found sufficient for the editor to present a correct text. Since a presentation of the contents in a correct form is more important than to give lengthy manuscript variants, it was thought advisable not to burden the edition with any more scriptorial and other pieces of information culled from a large number of manuscripts.


This edition of the Unadikhanda, a portion of the Prakriyasarvasva is based on the following mss:-

A. This is a palm leaf ms. of the Prakriyasarvasva, in Malayalam characters, belonging to the Adyar Library. (No. 40.c-3) The Ms. is fairly correct.

G. This is a paper ms. of the work, in Devanagari characters, deposited in the Government Oriental Mss. Library, Masrad. (R. 3091.) The ms. is full of scri[torial errors.

GD. THois is another paper ms. of the work in Devanagari characters, deposited in the Government Oriental Mss. Library, Masras. (Das. No. 15397.) This copy too is full of errors.

P. This copy of the work in plam leaf, in Malayalam characters belongs to Pandit P. Nilakantha Sarma, Principlal, Pattambi Sanskrit College.

My Professor, Mahamahopadhyaya Vidyavacaspati Darsanakalanidhi S. Kuppuswami Sastrigal, Professor of Saskrit and Comparative Philology in the Presidency College, Madras, with his usual kindness, encouraged me in this publication with his valuable advice and timely suggestions. My teacher Brahmasri S. K. Padmanabha Sastrigal of the Presidency College, Madras, was kind enough to read through the proofs and rectify several errors. Dr. C. Kunhan Raja and Brahmasri S. K. Ramanatha Sastrigal, my colleagues in office, have rendered me valuable help in this publication. It was through Dr. C. Kunhan Raja that I was able to secure the ms. of the work from Pandit P. Nilakantha Sarma. Pandit S. K. Ramanatha Sastri read through the proofs in addition and I take this oppprtunity to express my deep obligations to them for the help they have rendered.

I am highly indebted to the Curator, Government Oriental Mss. Library, Madras, and the Director, Adyar Library for ungrudgingly allowing me the use of their libraries, by lending me the mss. whenever they were required. I thank Pandit P. Nilakantha Sarma For placing his ms. at my disposal till the completion of the printing of the work. I thank the Hindi Prachar Press for having printed the work neatly and to my satisfaction.

Text of the Prakriyasarvasva1-149
Index of Works and Authors referred to1
Index of Sutras2
Index of Quotations13
Index of Words27

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