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Union with the Divine

Union with the Divine
Item Code: NAC208
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Pages: 48
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.2 inch X 4.8 inch
weight of the book: 50 gms
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The Last Prayer
(Dilip Kumar Roy)

Not this way, Lord! Not that way, now
Your way alone, Love! I shall walk.

Not these words, Lord! Nor those words, now
Of you alone, Love! I shall talk.

Come, clasp my hand, I call to you
Light of my life, lead on, lead on.

I ask for naught, I give my all,
My heart’s aflame, all shadows gone.

(Translated by Indira Devi from the original in Bengali) Courtesy: Bhavan’s Journal, 9 March 1980

How to Read Sri Aurobindo

I advise always to read a little at a time, keeping the mind as tranquil as one can, without making an effort to understand, but keeping the head as silent as possible, and letting the force contained in what one reads enter deep within. This force received in the calm and the silence will do its work of light and, if needed, will create in the brain the necessary cells for the understanding. Thus, when one re-reads the same thing some months later, one perceives that the thought expressed has become much more clear and close, and even sometimes altogether familiar.

It is preferable to read regularly, a little every day, and at a fixed hour if possible; this facilitates the brain-receptivity.

Q: What should be the final aim of a Sadhak? Should it not be to become a Yogi?

To be in full union with the Divine is the final aim.’ When one has some kind of constant union, one can be called a yogi, but the union has to be made complete. There are yogis who have only the union on the spiritual plane, others who are united in mind and heart, others in the vital also. In our yoga our aim is to be united too in the physical consciousness and on the supramental plane.


The Final Aim:
Full Union With the Divine
Words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother


  What Should be the Final Aim of a Sadhak? 3
  When Does Religion Become a Yoga? 4
  Is the Acquisition of Supermind the Master Motive? 6
  Meaning of Union 8
  Need of a New Spiritual Orientation 11
  How to Begin 13
  Have Him Must and Have Him I Will 16
  Proof of the Real Union 20
  Experience of the Union 27
  Perfect but partial Identification 28
  The Depth and Fullness of the Union 33
  Union With the “Samagram Mam” 36
  The Indwelling Universal (Poem) 40
  Ananda of Union 41
  Krishna (Poem) 45
  A Prayer and Meditation of the Mother 47

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