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The United States and Britain in Prophecy

The United States and Britain in Prophecy
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Author: Herbert W. Armstrong
Publisher: Pilgrims Book House, Kathmandu
Language: English
Pages: 252
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About The Author

HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG was recognized and respected by leaders in government, industry and education around the world. Until the time of his death in January 1986, he was pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God and editor in chief of the plain Truth magazine, which he began publishing in 1934. In 1947 Mr. Armstrong founded Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. He was also founder and chairman of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, known for its cultural, charitable and humanitarian activities. Herbert Armstrong visited more than 70 countries proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom of God, and he. was highly honored by heads of state in such critical areas as Japan and China, Black and South Africa, Israel and Egypt. Even in his nineties, Mr. Armstrong continued to write, broadcast and preach the good news that God will intervene to save mankind in this generation! Among his books are The Missing Dimension in Sex and The Incredible Human Potential, which explains the awesome plan God is working out in human life, The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like and The United States and Britain in Prophecy. He also authored The Seven Laws of Success and his final work, Mystery of the Ages.


A STAGGERING TURN IN WORLD Ace is due to erupt in the next few years. It will involve violently the United States, Britain, Western Europe, the Middle East. It’s already rather late for the free world to come awake to the real meaning behind current world events! Why do not the world’s leaders see what is coming? Why are the world’s best minds unseeing—the heads of state, scientists, educators, editors, news analysts, bankers, industrialists, leaders in business and commerce? They are totally unaware! Why? Because they have been falsely educated and de- ceived into closing their minds to the great causes behind world events and trends. This world has been falsely educated to ignore causes and deal with effects! Yet all the world’s problems and ills are simply a matter of cause and effect. There is a cause that has produced strife and war; poverty, wretchedness, inequality; crime, disease, mental ills. But the leaders do not know! World Explosion to Erupt The world’s leaders are the educated of the world. But they were not educated in BASIC TRUTHS the founda tions of right knowledge. The most necessary knowledge is : not being taught! They do not know WHAT man is or WHY! They know nothing of the purpose or meaning of life! They were not taught to distinguish the true values from the false. They did not learn the real causes—the way to peace, to happiness, to universal abundance; nor the causes of war, unhappiness, inequality, world chaos. They know nothing of the purpose being worked out here below. Consequently, they guide humanity on a course in conflict with that purpose, wreaking havoc upon a distressed, suffering, unhappy mankind. Lacking knowledge of the way to peace, the world does not have peace. Leaders talk of peace; they profess to work for peace; they cry out for peace—while they give approval and blind aceeptance to the way that produces. war! This world has simply been going the wrong way! This world is giving assent to, and conferring civili- zation’s acceptance on, THE WAYS that are the CAUSES of all the world’s ills. And now we are fast approaching the final grand smash explosion that is going to stagger the mind of man 2 beyond the bounds of sanity. Forces are at work today on plans, programs, conspiracies, movements that soon will erupt into a world explosion of violence and chaos such as never happened before, and never will again. Men today are tampering with forces of nature they lack the pru- dence, knowledge, ability and wisdom to control. In this folly of educated ignorance, it has become fashionable today and intellectually titillating to ignore the great basic cause of all things; the fact of the purpose being worked out here below, and the master plan for its working out; the invisible but Supreme Power now soon to intervene and drastically alter the course of history— before mankind blasts itself out of existence.

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