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उपाधिखण्डनम्: Upadhi Khandanam


Upadhikhandana is the third text in the group of three texts collectively known as Khandanatraya. The other two texts viz. mayavadakhandana and Mithyatvanumanakhandana are already published by Dvaita Vedanta Foundation. This text examines the concept of Upadhi envisaged in Advaita to account for the difference between Brahman and jivas at Vyavaharika level. This small text has commentaries by Sri Padmanabhatirtha and Sri Jayatirtha. On the commentary of Sri Jayatirtha there are sub commentaries of Sri Vyasaraja, Sri Srinivasatirtha and Sri Satyanatha tirtha. All these are included in this volume.

Vidwan Satyadhyanacharya Katti has edited all these works with the help of the manuscripts procured by Dvaita Vedanta Foundation. He has added a detailed introduction in Sanskrit. A summary of the points made in this text in English to help the modern scholars of Vedanta. I thank his co-operation.

We thank M/s. Vagartha for printing this volume neatly and in good time.

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