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Upanisadyoga and Patanjalayoga- A Comparative Approach (An Old and Rare Book)

Upanisadyoga and Patanjalayoga- A Comparative Approach (An Old and Rare Book)
Item Code: NAY012
Author: Asoke Chatterjee Sastri
Publisher: University of Calcutta
Language: English
Edition: 1989
Pages: 146
Other Details: 9.50 X 6.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.35 kg
Indian Philosophy is held in utmost reverence by the pilgrims on the path of wisdom. It conceives and explains, analyses and justifies, establishes and elaborates the highest thoughts that mankind has been able to produce. These thoughts have overcome the barriers of time and have become eternal in the sense that the ultimate has been reached by this thought process, and left nothing much to be added what-so-ever. The six well-known systems, of Indian philosophy, as a whole, take in their stride all the aspects of mystery of mankind in the life and life-beyond. They differ in their approach only, but culminate in the same infiniteness of atman or brahman which_ is the climax. The inexplicable character of brahman is shown from different angles in these schools of thought, although the conclusion is the same everywhere. It is accepted and accentuated time and again that the phenomenon beats all description. It is to be understood only by attaining identification with soul. Unending joy and bliss await at the end of the path of soul-searching. Emancipation from the circle of births, which is the root cause of all sorts of sorrow and suffering, is the ultimate goal of life. Those who realise this endeavour to detach themselves from various commitments and involvements of worldly existence. They try not to be allowed and drawn into the whirlpools of temptations of life. These are like snares which bind a man thousand fold and take him deeper and deeper in the muddle. Once bound it is almost impossible for a man to get rid of the sufferings. One thing leads to another and in this way gets one into deeper involvements. But if realisation dawns early, a wise man escapes the beckonings of life's luxuries and ambitions and manages to stick to the right way leading to emancipation.

It is universally admitted that in spite of early realisation and honest determination, it is most difficult to remain passive to the waves of life around. It calls for the highest degree of self-control which is again elusive to the most serious aspirant. Numerous stories of loss of self-control are scattered in the scriptures and literature, showing that one moment of weakness is enough to wipe out achievements of hundreds and thousands of years. Here comes the importance of yoga system of philosophy which teaches restraint over mind and body.

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