Vaisnavism (Contemporary Scholars Discuss the Gaudiya Tradition)

Vaisnavism (Contemporary Scholars Discuss the Gaudiya Tradition)

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Author: Ed. by: Steven J. Rosen; Foreword by: Edward C. Dicmock, Jr.
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1992
ISBN: 9788120812352
Pages: 364
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.0 inch x 6.0 inch
Weight 510 gm

About the Book:

Vaisnavism : Contemporary Scholars Discuss the Gaudiya Tradition focuses on an ancient religious heritage in the light of modern scholarship. Though a series of lively conversations, Steven J. Rosen and twenty-five distinguished academics explore the many sides of Gaudiya Vaisnavism - its literature, historical development, theology and practice. Thoughtful and indeed illuminating perspectives emerge as the scholars reveal insights gained from years of research. In discussing subjects such as the nature of the Absolute, devotional poetry, sacred space, mystical states and sonic theology, the abundant beauty and profundity of this venerable East Indian tradition is brought to light.

"Steven Rosen has brought together an overview of a highly technical subject as interpreted by acknowledged experts in the field, thus informing further the already informed and, it is to be hoped, stimulating the uninformed to inform themselves of a highly rewarding system of thought and instructive slice of religious history."

- from the Foreword by Edward C. Dimock, Jr.,
University of Chicago


Table of Contents

Preface - i

Foreword / Edward C. Dimock, Jr.


Gaudiya Vaisnavism / A.N. Chatterjee

The Vedic Literature / Michael Witzel

The Ramayana / H. Daniel Smith

Mahabharata / Alf Hiltebeitel

Bhagavata-purana / Clifford Hospital

Krsna in the Performing Arts / John Stratton Hawley

Bhakti Poetry / Richard Davis

Biographies of Sri Caitanya / Tony Stewart

Sampradaya of Sri Caitanya / William Deadwyler

Sahajiya Tradition / Robert Sailley

Gaudiya Vaisnavism in the Modern World / Charles Brooks

The Bengal of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu / Richard Eaton

Sri Caitanya's Pilgrimage to the South / David Kinsley

Sri Caitanya's Tour of Vraja / Alan Entwistle

The Glories of Radha-kunda / Mohan Gautam

Jagannatha Puri / Frederique Marglin

Vaisnavism and Christianity / Klaus Klostermainer

Sadhana Bhakti / Joseph O'Connell

Personalism vs. Impersonalism / O.B.L. Kapoor

Acintya Bhedabheda / Shrivatsa Goswami

Sonic Theology / Guy Beck

Mysticism, Madness and Ecstasy / June McDaniel

Rasa Theology / Gerald Carney

Krsna-Lila / David Haberman

Radha: Beloved of Vraja / Eric. Huberman



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