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Vedic Jyotisha for Beginners

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Vedic Jyotisha for Beginners
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Item Code: NAO722
Author: Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra
Publisher: Vedic Astro India
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789381748220
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 230 gms
About The Book

The book 'Vedic Jyotisha for Beginners' leads students to the Gateway of Vedic wisdom in astrological sciences. Fundamentals of Vedic Jyotisha have been dealt with in an elucidating manner for the benefit of sincere aspirants.

• Dik, Desha and Kaala, i.e., space, place and time, all three combined form the basis of Jyotisha, so a brief but relevant discussion on the three, is there in the first introductory chapter;

• All-Important application of measures of time and a detailed explanation of celestial sphere with useful terms have all been enunciated;

• Logical as well as scientific discussion of the 'Chitra-Paksheeta-Ayanamsha' is also included as this very issue is erroneously considered to be controversial;

• Consideration of the sidereal as well as the tropical zodiacs is necessary, thus the same is advocated with citations from the Vedas;

• Detailed characteristics of Rashis and nakshatras that is highly useful for all predictive endeavors also find place in the book;

• The day and the moment when you were born along with other affiliated elements tend to be the foundation of all predictive exercise, hence, presented in a simple and highly comprehensive manner;

• The term Graha' in Vedic Jyotisha has special implied meaning, therefore, one separate chapter dealing with all contextual factors is included;

• The natal chart figures out the celestial phenomenon for the epoch, thus the same is explained along with the simplest method of computation and detailed description of significance of the twelve houses;

• Mathematical calculation for the Varga-charts, longitudes of Grahas, Dasha, special lagnas and various less known but highly result-oriented `Awastha' of Grahas are made easy;

• Fixation of 'Kaaraka', highly benevolent Graha, the 'Sudarshan-Chakra' and the Ashtaka-Varga' are enunciated in simple steps;

• Being as eyes of the Vedas, various hints coded therein, have been presented with original Mantras and their explanation under the heading 'Jyotisha in Vedas'.

• The book comprises the scientific as well as modern-day-practical discussion on Vedic Jyotisha.


  Preamble 4
1 Introduction 7
2 Measures of Time 11
3 Zodiac and Ecliptic 21
4 Rashis and Nakshatras 27
5 Panchanga 51
6 Graha or Planet 61
7 undali : The Lagna Chart 81
8 Longitudes of Grahas 93
9 Vargas or Divisional Charts 100
10 Vishesha (Special) Lagnas 113
11 Kaaraka: Highly Benevolent Grahas 121
12 State of Being (Awastha) of Grahas 131
13 Dasha and Bhuktis 140
14 Sudarshaana Chakra 149
15 Ashtakavarga 152
16 Graha Bala or Strength of Planets 161
17 Jyotisha in Vedas 178


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