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Vedic Mathemattics

Vedic Mathemattics
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Author: Nikhilam Etc. Sutra
Publisher: Emesco Books
Edition: 2010
Pages: 257
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Easy Methods in Maths: Key Points, Computations, Examples, Exercise, in Arithmetic and Algebra

Since Mathematics is none other than the logic wherever and whenever Mathematical sciences advance the growth of physical sciences follows. This is a fact established by History. In order to assess the state of scientific development of any country at a given point of time generally it may be adequate to study the state of mathematics of the time. We can infer the state of other sciences from that.

The impressive heights of ancient Indian Mathematics can be estimated by having a look at the surprising mathematical formulae rediscovered by Sri Bharathi Krishna Teertah Swamiji (1884-1960). These sixteen formulate along with a set of thirteen sub formulae are offering astonishingly simple short cuts to complicated and lengthy problems of mathematics in the field of arithmetic algebra and geometrical expressions.

Sri Bharati Krishnaji it is said had a more comprehensive structure of the subject in his mind but unfortunately a major portion was lost and only these 16 formulae which constitute only a preliminary party of the subject are avaiblae to us today. Sri Bharati Krishnaji said that he derived these formulae from Sthapatyaveda which is the Upaveda of Atharvana Veda.

Advanced countries took Vedic Mathematics seriously and they realized that they had something special and some of the schools began to teach the Vedic system with notable success. Today Vedic mathematics is taught widely in schools in India and a great deal of research is being done in this field.

The institute of Scientific research on Vedas (I-SERVE) is striving hard to bring out the technical details of the sciences hidden in the Vedic and post Vedic literature. As a part of its spectrum of projects undertaken, specially to ignite the minds of youth the institute is working on Vedic Mathematics also. While research is going on to explore the theoretical backgrounds of Vedic Mathematics including its three dimensional astronomical calculations I-SERVE in accordance to its policies decided to brighten the young students with awareness and training programmes train the teachers in Vedic Mathematics and publish simpler books with explanatory notes examples exercise and answers for easy follow up of the calculations equations expression etc. so that the participant students will surely aquire the knowledge with an excitement to learn more in the Vedic mathematics. This will help them for a number of competitive examination like IIT, JEE, AIEEE, GRE, GMAT, etc. they also gain creative approach to objective method and solutions.

The present compilation in your hands is on Vedic Arithmatics and is compiled by Dr. C. Nagalakshmi a Vice principal St. Alphonsa’s college of education Hyderabad College. Being a seasoned teacher of teachers she did not keep any secrecy with her and took all care to see that the book is self explanatory in all its aspects. She deserves all compliments for this and her compilations on Vedic Algebra and Vedic Geometry are going to see the market soon.

We are sure that the students / Parents / teachers of secondary / educational institutions will rise to the occasion and reap the benefits of Vedic Mathematics in full.


2Addition by Bindvankana Method3
3Subtraction by Bindvankana Method5
(a) Finding the Products in Specific Cases7
(b) Multiplication by Nikhilam Method9
i) Direct Method
ii) Cross Addition Method
iii) Cross Subtraction Method
iv) Cross Simplification Method
c) Multiplication by Urdhva Tiryak Sutra
i) Multiplication of 2 digit numbers 29
ii) Multiplication of 3 digit numbers32
iii) Multiplication of 4 digit numbers34
iv) Multiplication of 5 digit numbers 36
5Squares 40
6Difference of Squares45
a) Finding Cubes by Anurupya Sutra47
b) Finding Cubes by Yavadunam Sutra49
a) Division by Nikhilam Method52
i) Division by the digit 9
ii) Division by the digit less than 9
iii) Division by 2 digit numbers
iv) Division by bigger Numbers
b) Division by Paravartya Method 91
c) Special Divisions 134
Divisions by using Multiples/factors of the divisor
9Answers to
Exercises 1,2,3,418
Exercises 5,6,7,8,928
Exercises 10,11,12,13,14,1544
Exercises 16,17,18,19,2056
Exercises 21,22,23,2490
Exercises 25,26,27,28,29,30142
Vedic Algebra
10Introduction 145
11Simple Equations 147
12Simple Equations ( By Sutra Sunyam)153
13Merger Type of Easy Simple Equations ( By Paravartya)162
14Miscellaneous Simple Equations173
15Simultaneous Simple Equations189
16Multiple Simultaneous Equations 195
17Quadratic Equations 210
18Simultaneous Quadratic Equations232
19Cubic Equations241
20Bi-Quadratic Equations247
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